HP Chromebooks

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HP Chromebooks are versatile mobile devices that are ideal for work, learning, or play

What is the difference between an HP laptop and HP Chromebook?

Visually, you may find it difficult to tell the difference between an HP laptop and an HP Chromebook. For example, the popular HP x360 series of 2-in-1 laptops have a Chrome twin in the form of HP x360 Chromebooks. The same flexible design, the same premium look and feel, the same great touchscreen display, the same excellent keyboard, and the same wide selection of ports. However, there is one crucial difference: HP laptops run Microsoft’s Windows operating system while an HP Chromebook runs Google’s Chrome OS.

Both systems are equipped with Intel or AMD processors, but HP laptops are equipped with the latest versions. Chromebooks have a more modest power demand, so they don’t necessarily need to have the latest and most powerful version of a CPU to deliver stellar performance. An HP Chromebook also has lower RAM and storage requirements than an HP Windows laptop.

As a result, you can expect an HP Chromebook to be an extremely affordable option.

What can you do with an HP Chromebook?

Virtually anything you can do with a Windows laptop you can also do with an HP Chromebook.

Work on an essay, collaborate on a school assignment, update a spreadsheet, stream video from your favourite service, check your social media feeds, edit your vacation photos, even play AAA PC games online using Google Stadia. You can also download and natively run Android apps from Google Play.

You don’t need to be connected to be productive and your HP Chromebook has all the storage you need to save documents and files locally for when you want to work offline. Just like a Windows laptop, your HP Chromebook can also be connected to a computer monitor (or you could wirelessly cast its screen to a Chromecast-capable TV), and it can be used with common Bluetooth and USB accessories like keyboards, mice, and portable drives.

Why should you consider buying HP Chromebooks?

There are many reasons to consider buying an HP Chromebook.

These are slim and light laptops, many with flexible 2-in-1 designs. They offer all-day battery life and they are also very affordable. Many Canadian school boards have adopted Chromebooks as their preferred platform so kids are very comfortable with using them. Because Chromebooks are so popular among students, you’ll find ultra-compact options like the HP Chromebook 11. This Chromebook has an 11-inch display, making it small enough to easily slip in a backpack or bag so it can be carried back and forth from home to school, while providing remote learning accessibility if needed.

Whether you’re a student, someone who needs to be able to work from home, or you just want a lightweight laptop for mobile computing, there’s an HP Chromebook that’s ideal for you.