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Razer Blade laptop preview: the world’s thinnest gaming laptop

by BradMoon from 04-14-2014

Preview.jpgRazer Blade. Two words guaranteed to grab the attention of anyone who takes PC gaming seriously. The gaming laptop series made waves in 2013, landing on a slew of “best of” lists. The 2014 edition manages to be even more over the top, earning titles like “world’s thinnest gaming laptop” while offering performance that has to be seen to be believed. You’ll soon find the all-new Razer Blade gaming laptops at Best Buy (you’ll be able to pre-order them this week), including the impossibly thin and light 14-inch model with its 5.76 million pixels —the world’s highest resolution 14-inch notebook display.

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Windows XP support ends: don’t panic, but do take action

by BradMoon from 04-07-2014


Inspiron.jpgApril 8, 2013 marks the end of an era. Windows XP —the operating system Microsoft first released way back in 2001— will no longer be supported. Actually, mainstream support was wound down in 2009, but April 8 marks the official end of extended support. You can bet that a whole lot of cyber criminal types are eagerly counting down the minutes until Microsoft ceases to release Windows XP security updates. If you have a PC that’s still running XP, now is the time to take action. It may be bit of a hassle, but upgrading your machine to Windows 8.1 is going to save you a lot of potential effort and grief from an expected flood of malware targeting Windows XP machines. For many owners of older PCs, this event might even mark the point where it makes more sense to simply replace that aging computer with a new one and skip the OS upgrade routine altogether.


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Acer C720P Chromebook Review: Adding Touch to the Chromebook Experience

by BradMoon from 03-31-2014

Acer PReview.jpgChromebooks are one of the fastest growing computing categories. Small, lightweight and inexpensive these Google Chrome OS-powered notebooks have proven ideal for many users including students and small business. They’re great for home too. But what if you want the touchscreen experience that’s become a standard feature on Windows 8 Ultrabooks? You were pretty much out of luck on the Chrome side. Acer has filled that gap quite nicely with the new C720P Chromebook, an 11.6-inch device that combines the advantages of Google’s Chrome OS with a multi-touch display. It’s available now at Best Buy, but if you want a preview of what it’s capable of, I’ve spent some time putting a C720P Chromebook through the paces for a review.

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