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Asus Chromebox review: the “world’s smallest Chrome device” has big potential

by BradMoon from 07-20-2014

Chromebox preview.jpgChromebooks —inexpensive laptops running Google’s Chrome OS— have proven to be extremely popular. Chromeboxes arrived after the portable versions but they’re now beginning to gain traction too. One of the most eagerly anticipated Chromeboxes is now available at Best Buy. Read on to see what my experience using the Asus Chromebox PC was like and whether this Windows PC alternative might be a good fit for you.

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Asus 4K monitor review: PB287Q puts over 8 million pixels on your desktop

by BradMoon from 07-19-2014

Asus preview.jpgIf you use a computer monitor, you know you can never have enough onscreen real estate. The bigger that display, the better. But you can also never have enough pixels, even if you aren’t gaming or editing digital photos. More pixels means more windows can be open and visible for greater productivity. The Asus PB287Q offers both of these advantages in a single, affordable unit: a 28-inch display and a 4K Ultra HD panel. That means a big screen and 4K resolution for a vast amount of space and information. And if you happen to be a gamer, the monitor has a 1ms response time, 60Hz refresh rate and a pushbutton “Game” mode. I just spent some quality time with the Asus PB287Q and after experiencing 4K computing at that scale, it’s tough to go back to the world of HD computing.


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Alienware’s desktop gaming PCs: introducing the X51-R2 and the R4

by BradMoon from 07-10-2014

alienware-duo.jpgAlienware is a name synonymous with hardcore PC gaming. Whether you’re fighting off a Zerg swarm, adventuring your way to level 70 in Diablo 3 or freeing London of Nazi invaders in Wolfenstein: The New Order, the ultimate video game experience is on a PC and Alienware has long been a respected name among Windows gamers. And while gaming laptops offer a very good experience, to get the best, you need to go with a tower or desktop gaming PC. This is the form factor that has the space for the monster video card, the high performance CPU and all the other components that make a game look its best. Alienware has just released two new desktop gaming PCs that are available now at Best Buy: The Alienware X51-R2 and the awesome Alienware R4.

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