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Webcams: A Better Way to Communicate, Record, and Play

What do many grandparents, video game streamers, and business people have in common? They might use webcams (which is short for "web cameras"). Grandparents have video chats with their grandkids, game streamers capture footage to accompany their gameplay streams, and business people communicate with coworkers or clients remotely. 

Most laptops and some all-in-one desktop PCs have webcams built in, but if you need high-resolution image quality or extra features, you're better off getting a separate webcam. Browse Best Buy's wide selection of webcams and you'll find ones that can take your communication or content creation to a whole new level. 

Types of Webcams 

Webcams come in a variety of types, designed for different needs and uses. When you're shopping for a webcam, make sure it's compatible with your system (e.g. some models only work with Windows PCs). 

Basic Webcams 

The most basic type of webcam is a simple camera that can record video and images. Most webcams are designed to perch on the edge of a monitor or laptop screen, or sit on a flat surface like a desk. If you have modest needs and a tight budget, you can pick up a basic webcam for simple video calls. 

HD Webcams 

Consider HD webcams if you're looking to record footage for a video podcast or streaming, or if you want to give your parents a really clear view of their adorable grandchildren saying "Whoopsiedaisy!". 

A webcam is considered to be high definition ("HD") if its resolution is 720p or 1080p. If you want to boost the video quality to the next level look for a 4K webcam. 

Conference Webcams 

Video conferencing is a standard practice in most offices, so it makes sense to equip your meeting rooms with conference webcams. Since these video chats are for work you'll want good quality picture and audio, so make sure the webcam you choose is up to snuff. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the field of view. If your meeting room is pretty big, pick a webcam with a wide enough field of view to capture all the people sitting around the table. 

Wireless Webcams 

You might run into some situations where a wired webcam just doesn't get the job done, like if the cable isn't long enough. In these cases a wireless webcam might do the trick. These webcams are battery powered so they can be placed anywhere, and they transmit the video and audio signal wirelessly. 

Webcam Uses 

Webcams can be used for more than just simple video chats. It's easier than ever to post homemade videos on sites like YouTube, and a good webcam can spell the difference between a poor quality video and a high-resolution video that's a pleasure to watch. 

Ever thought about creating your own video podcast or streaming yourself playing video games? Choose a webcam with suitable video and audio capabilities and you'll be on your way to establishing yourself as an online content star. 

If you need to keep an eye on the belongings in your room (maybe because your roommate isn't the most trustworthy person in the world), you can let your webcam record your space. It's an easy way to watch out for any suspicious activity when you're not around.