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Review: The Samsung Blu-Ray Disc Player (BD-H6500) with 4K Upscaling and so much more!

by hootie from 07-27-2014

Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD H6500.jpeg

Blu-Ray players used to be just that, able to only play Blu-Ray discs. Blu-Ray players today come with a myriad of additional capabilities and Samsung’s BD-H6500 is no exception. It is fully loaded and is 4K Ultra HD ready so if you have a 4K TV or plan to get one in the future this is the ideal Blu-Ray media player. One of the great things about this player is that it will upconvert HD content to be much closer to UHD resolution. It is loaded with other features too. Although it costs a little bit more than most other Blu-Ray players, I got my hands on one and given all its features and capabilities it is a great buy.


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Dorm Room TVs: Getting the right TV for back to school

by ShelaghM from 07-25-2014


Photo by: Taylor McBride


Heading back to school to hit the books is an exciting but challenging time. Downtime is going to be an important part of your balancing act but your budget is going to be tight. Entertaining at home means having friends over to your dorm room to either watch the game or play the game. Which TV should you choose for your dorm? It all depends on your favourite kickback and relax activity.

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How to buy a Home Entertainment Projector

by hootie from 07-25-2014

Home Theatre Setup.jpg  

It is hard to resist those shiny new big flat screen TVs. They are bigger and more beautiful than ever. But if you truly want an immersive entertainment experience, a projection system is very hard to beat and provides better value. Projectors deliver a truly huge picture that you could never get in a flat panel HDTV, and still provide all the clarity, vibrancy, and features that come with a flat screen. Projectors have come a long way, so throw away any old pre-conceived ideas you might have about them. If you are in the market for a new TV seriously consider a projector. I hope you do, and here I will tell you what you should look for.

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Every Type of Television for Every Home

Whether you’re looking for a huge flat screen TV for the living room or a smaller one for the bedroom, Best Buy has a television for you. We’ve got energy-saving LED TVs, Smart TVs for streaming online content, 4K TVs for ultra-high-definition viewing, and next-gen OLED TVs for spectacular picture quality. Shop Best Buy in-store and online for televisions from trusted brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, Insignia, and more.


Equipped with a backlighting system of light-emitting diode (LED) light bulbs, an LED TV is slim and energy efficient. LED light bulbs consume less energy, last longer, and boast better contrast than cold-cathode fluorescent lights (CCFLs) found in LCD TVs. Thanks to this, LED TVs deliver crystal-clear picture whether you’re watching a movie with the lights off or catching the morning news in a sun-soaked living room.

Plasma TVs

No longer associated with the “burn-in effect”, plasma TVs have come a long way and are still a popular choice for home theatre setups. A 600Hz frame rate allows every model to process high-speed scenes faster than other TVs, while high contrast ratios enable finer detail to be seen in dark scenes. Because they don’t require backlights, plasma TVs offer consistent image quality from different viewing angles, ensuring everyone gets the best seat in the house.


Using organic light-emitting diodes, an OLED TV delivers incredible contrast, razor-sharp clarity, and a wide viewing angle for spectacular picture that’ll blow you away. Each pixel of an OLED TV is a small light-emitting diode, eliminating the need for backlighting. This allows OLED TVs to be super-slim and use less energy than other types of TVs.

Curved TVs

Flat screen TVs aren’t all flat. Curved TVs are hitting the market, designed to provide a more expansive field of view, just like movie-theatre screens. By bringing the edges of the screen closer to the viewer, a curved TV makes everything on the screen look beautifully uniform while reducing light reflection.

4K TVs

With over eight million pixels packed into the display, a 4K TV delivers spectacular picture quality that’s four times more detailed than Full HD. 4K UHD TVs can upscale non-4K content by filling in the missing pixels, so your favourite shows, movies, and games will look better than ever.

Smart TVs

If you want to do more than just watch TV on your TV, a Smart TV is the way to go. Built-in WiFi allows you to stream content from online services, access apps and social media sites, and more. To add smart functionality to your existing TV, a media player such as Roku or Apple TV will do the trick. For amazingly realistic action, a 3D TV will really suck you in with eye-popping picture.


Hook up your TV to a projector for a true at-home cinema experience. With a home theatre projector from Epson or other trusted brands, you can transform your living room into your own personal movie theatre.

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