4K Ultra HD TVs

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4K Ultra HD TVs

4K TV is Ultra-High Definition (HD) TV. Simply put, it's the level of resolution, or how many pixels there are in your TV screen. 4K UHD TVs like Sony BRAVIA XR are 4 times clearer, sharper and more colourful than traditional HD TVs.

Ultra HD or 4K TV (the terms are interchangeable) is becoming popular because of its top-quality video picture; these days it’s as good as TV can get, since it displays four times the resolution of existing HD.

4K Smart TVs

Not only do 4K TVs come out of the box with the best resolution, they're now almost all smart too. This means your new 4K Ultra HD TV likely also has streaming capabilities built in, plus the ability to surf the web, play games, chat online and more, though the features will vary by TV and manufacturer.

At the bare minimum, most 4K TVs have streaming services like YouTube and Netflix already enabled inside the TV so all you need to do is sign into or sign up for an account and start watching.

Large size 4K TV

There's a case to be made for going big when it comes to 4K TVs and even other higher resolution formats emerging on the market too, like 8K TVs. Because there are so many pixels in the screen, in smaller size TV sets, it becomes hard to see all that detail, so if you're thinking of upgrading to a 4K Ultra High Definition TV, going bigger just makes sense. Plus, prices have come down substantially over the years, and many large size 4K UHD sets are actually a very good deal.


Without getting overly complicated here, LED, or Light Emitting Diode, is the way your TV is lit. LED TVs provide the back or edge light, thousands of them, actually, and it's what makes the TV display the picture.

An LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, panel is the front portion, or the screen of your TV, and it controls where light is displayed on your screen. As a result, it's possible to have a 4K LED TV, or a 4K LCD set, since 4K refers to the resolution, while LED is the lighting array inside, and LCD refers to the front panel.

4K TV Operating Systems

Depending on the 4K UHD TV you choose, you'll see a variety of different operating systems. There's Google Chromecast, Roku, Tizen, Web OS, and more. While it's often a good idea to match your TV's operating system to the system you run on your smartphone for seamless connectivity across devices and to allow easy screensharing or casting, most TVs work great with lots of smartphones, so it needn't be a barrier to choosing the 4K UHD TV that's right for you in your home.