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Best Projectors for Outdoor Summer Movies

by StaceyMac from 07-24-2014

outdoor.jpgSummer has officially arrived here on the west coast, and along with the sunshine and increased temperatures, Mother Nature has given us a much-deserved respite from the rain (for the most part). So as you can imagine, like the majority of Canadians, Vancouverites are finding every excuse imaginable to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Case in point – I’ve spent the last several Tuesday evenings sitting on a blanket in the grass with several thousand of my closest friends watching free classic movies from the 80s as they are projected on to a four storey inflatable movie screen. Super fun, for sure, but it got me thinking … if I had a backyard, could I transform it into my own personal outdoor theatre? Yes. And as it turns out, it’s not that hard to do. 

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Review: Monster HDMI Cables and Surge Protector – High Quality Accessories

by hootie from 07-21-2014

Monster Accessories.jpgMonster manufactures high quality accessories that are needed for any TV & Home Theatre system. You know, cables and surge protectors that you typically just take for granted or simply buy as an after thought. They are extremely well made, but with that typically comes a higher price. You get what you pay for, but with these relatively mundane accessories is it worth spending the extra dough? You just bought a fancy new HDTV or better yet a shiny stunning 4K UHD model, so do you need high-end cables to make sure you get the best picture?


I had the opportunity to try out a couple of excellent Monster HDMI cables and a Power Surge Protector so I can give you my first-hand perspective on why you may or may not consider them for your system.

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LG 4K UHD 3D IPS Smart TV (55UB8500) – feature-rich at a very low price!

by hootie from 07-19-2014

LG 4K UHD 55" Front View.jpg



You may be thinking it will be a little while before you can afford an upgrade to a stunning 4K UHD new technology TV. That time may be closer than you think with LG’s new 
4K 55” 3D Smart TV (55UB8500). They have priced it very aggressively while keeping all the excellent features that you could want in such a TV. It is one of the lowest priced 4K TV’s on the market and comes as a WebOS powered Smart TV, an IPS panel, and passive 3D. This is probably the best value 4K TV on the market.

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