Meet the world’s first TV with cognitive intelligence.

Sony’s Bravia XR TVs are built with cognitive intelligence processing to recreate images the way your brain truly sees them for the most natural colour, contrast and motion.
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  • For the best picture possible, bring home a Sony BRAVIA TV

    Sony BRAVIA TV is the world’s first TV with a cognitive processor on board. Designed to replicate the way your brain thinks and responds to the world, Sony BRAVIA TV offers instant image processing and the ability to showcase movies, TV shows, and all of your streaming media as vividly and close to reality as possible.

    What does XR mean in Sony TVs?

    When you see the term ‘Sony BRAVIA XR,’ the XR stands for the Cognitive Processor XR – a new image processor with cognitive intelligence. You’ll find the XR processor as the backbone of TVs like the Sony X90J, Sony X80J, and Sony OLED TV.

    The Cognitive Processor XR on a Sony television divides the screen into hundreds of zones. Not only does a Sony BRAVIA TV with XR processor have the power to instantly recognize objects in each zone, it can instantly cross-analyze the hundred thousand or more objects that make up a picture each second in the same way our brains do. Each scene you watch will have a natural feel, with vivid, real world detail.

    Features on Sony BRAVIA XR TVs

    When you bring home Sony BRAVIA, you bring home a TV that’s packed with unique features.

    Sony BRAVIA TVs are available in 4K and 8K resolution. They have HDR colour reproduction, XR Motion Clarity and 120Hz refresh rate for blur-free action, and XR Contrast Booster for rich blacks and brilliant colour. With the Google TV operating system, you get one-touch access to Netflix, Prime, and YouTube. Plus, you’ll have voice control with Google Assistant built in.

    Sony OLED TV vs Sony Full Array LED

    When choosing your Sony BRAVIA TV, you’ll need to decide between a Sony OLED TV vs a Sony Full Array LED. A Sony LED TV has an LED backlight, so you’ll get an ultra-bright TV with bold colour and superior contrast between light and dark images. A Sony OLED TV uses organic light emitting diodes that can turn off and on individually, giving you the brightest possible whites, absolute true black, and the best contrast available.

    Advantages of Sony BRAVIA

    Whether you choose a Sony OLED TV, Sony X90J, or Sony X80J, your Sony BRAVIA TV will have an ultra-thin bezel-free frame that’s the perfect complement to your wall or entertainment stand. Because these TVs have the ability to analyze and upconvert audio to 5.1.2ch surround sound, Sony TVs can create a true 3D soundscape in your living room without the need for a sound bar.

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