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The Ultimate Home Theatre of your Dreams

by hootie from 08-31-2014

Dream Home Theatre.jpg


What components would you put in the home theatre system of your dreams? Most of us watch enough TV that having an awesome home entertainment system makes a lot of sense, but few of us go that extra step - including myself. I have thought about what would make my dream home theatre.


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Top 3 Streaming Devices for your Dorm Room

by hootie from 08-28-2014

Dorm Room TV.jpg



Dorms don’t usually provide any kind of TV service right in your dorm room, so a streaming device is almost a necessity. There are quite a number of different streaming options, but to make it simple for you here are the top 3 devices.

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Top 5 Home Theatre Products for the Fall Season

by hootie from 08-26-2014

Fall TV Season.jpeg 

Is your Home Entertainment System ready to take full advantage of the upcoming Fall TV Season, or will some simple upgrades really improve your entertainment pleasure. Here are my top 5 Home Theatre products that can really beef up your fun.

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