All-new game modes, new and deeper experiences in fan-favorite modes, and the best on-ice gameplay ever make NHL 17 the most exciting EA SPORTS NHL game to date. Live out your hockey fantasy in all-new Draft Champions and World Cup of Hockey game modes, own every zone with authentic goaltenders, new Net Battles on offense and defense, and bone-crushing Collision Physics. Take your team to the next level in the most customizable EA SPORTS Hockey League ever and bring your game to life with dozens of thrilling new goal celebrations. No matter how you play the game, NHL 17 lets you shape your legacy on and off the ice.

Release date

September 13, 2016


EA Sports


EA Canada


PS4, Xbox One, PC



By Brad Pajuluoma

This year’s NHL 17 will be the most exciting game in the EA Sports NHL series yet. Our hockey fantasies can now be realized in the all new Draft Champions and World Cup of Hockey game modes. Along with these new game modes, we can expect many more improvements across the board. EA Sports’ NHL 17 looks to once again become the best of the genre and that's what we like here in Canada, especially when you talk about the good old hockey game.

Even more customizations than ever before

This year we can make our EA Sports Hockey League team even more our own, as we progress through the ranks to unlock tons and tons of customizations. From jersey styles and logos to the all-new arena creator, our teams will be completely our own version of a team. This year will also see the introduction of “synergy”, a dynamic team building system, which will change the way we choose our teams to help give on-ice players special bonuses depending on how we pick our line-up.

Fight it out in front of the net

Most of the really intense action in a real life hockey game happens right in front of the net and if you have ever played hockey you’ll know it’s a constant battle to fight for that precious space. The all new Net Battle system will let us really fight it out in front of the net on both offense and defense.

Don’t forget about the goalies

Goalies have been improved upon as well. Now with more intelligent reactionary saves, the goalies will have better animations and reactions, depending on the shot angle and scoring situation. This should help to make goalies’ saves more authentic and situationally appropriate. Along with this new save system, goalies will also have more post goal reactions: they can slam the posts with their stick in frustration when they have been scored on and more.

NHL 17 will also help you be a better player

The newest versions of the critically acclaimed Visual On-Ice trainer and Coaching Feedback tools are set to bring our gameplay to all new levels. These tools will not only help those new to the game learn the basics, but they will also help us veterans to really sharpen our skills. This latest game will also give us more options and settings than ever before to help us create our ultimate hockey experience.

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