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FAQ About Milk Frothers

If you've perfected your morning cup of joe and now want to add some fancier coffee drinks to your home menu, a milk frother is essential. Some espresso machines include a milk steamer, but if yours doesn't, or you prefer non-espresso drinks made with regular brewed coffee and creamy hot milk, an automatic electric milk frother is the most convenient way to go.

How does a milk frother work?
A milk frother or milk steamer heats and aerates milk to produce foam, making it perfect for mixing with coffee or espresso-based beverages like lattes, mochas, café au laits, macchiatos, or even coffee-free treats like hot chocolate.

Do I need a milk frother?
Whether you like lots of foam, a little, or none at all, the process of frothing milk is important because introducing air and agitating the milk improves its consistency and flavor. It's not just the foam that floats on top of your drink, which can be a matter of preference; the creamy microfoam throughout the drink is important, especially in cappuccinos, which are typically served with about 50% foam to milk.

What features should I look for in a milk frother?
Most electric milk frothers have a heater, and some are even capable of producing warm or cold foamed milk instead of hot if you prefer. Consider the capacity when selecting the right milk frother for your needs; is it just for your morning beverage or after dinner treat? Or will you be serving guests frequently? For added convenience, you can also find wireless milk frothers that are easy to take and use anywhere.