Apple iPads



The Revolutionary iPad

The iPad is one of the most popular tablets around. It’s sleek, simple-to-use, and highly intuitive making it easy to work, play, browse, watch, and so much more at the touch of a button or a flick of the touchscreen. Check out Best Buy’s selection of the latest crop of Apple tablets, including the iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPad Retina Display.

The Operating System

Apple iPads run the same iOS as the iPhone and iPod, so you know you’re getting a simple, consistent, and easy-as-pie to use interface. Apple also has the largest marketplace for apps so you can be sure you’ll find an app for that and then some.

Apple Exclusives

Every iPad is a little bit different, but each one comes of great features. Dual cameras, FaceTime, AirPlay, WiFi and Bluetooth, an operating system that’s designed with every level of user in mind, and a battery life that will likely outlast your work day; it’s no wonder they’re so popular.

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