iPad Air On Sale

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An Air-y presence

The iPad Air is as much about comfort as it is about performance. When you want to tread lightly, this is the tablet that lets you do that. But beneath the lightweight surface is a robust device that pulls its weight in all the right places. Whether you go a little older school with the original 9.7-inch Retina display or ratchet up to larger 10.9-inch screen sizes, you should expect to get a unique experience.

Thin, and yet so strong

Like a sleek sports car, the iPad Air lets its performance speak for itself. With the latest Liquid Retina display models, you bump up to Apple’s M series processor, and that means almost limitless possibilities. This is the kind of tablet you can use to shoot and edit 4K videos, draw and create with enhanced graphics, as well as produce content on apps you can readily find on the App Store.

You’re free to attach a full-size Smart Keyboard to do that. Or wield the Apple Pencil to take advantage of the extra horsepower under the hood. Convert handwriting to text, bring augmented reality (AR) characters to virtual life, and edit photos with high-resolution tools. Apple’s latest chipset can handle it, getting you faster performance and a significant boost in graphics. 

Style and convenience all in one

There’s plenty to like about the iPad Air, no matter which generation you get, from the new M series models to older ones based on the A Series Bionic chip. It was always made to be versatile, and that’s certainly going to be the case whether you’re chatting on FaceTime or playing a favourite game. If you want something to work with, or simply a device to play around with at your leisure, it will be tough to put a tablet like this down.