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Turning Pro

Tools, not just toys

What sets the iPad Pro apart from Apple’s other tablets is its ability to do more. It’s the model that always runs the latest and greatest hardware. It has a gorgeous Retina display with a higher resolution and colour accuracy. The speakers are louder, while the microphones are better at picking up your voice.

With a tablet like this, you’re choosing to go with the best Apple offers because it’s what you feel you need. If that means attaching a Smart Keyboard, or pairing it with an Apple Pencil, trackpad, mouse, or any other useful accessory, you’re now straddling the line from tablet to laptop. Extra storage space gives you the room you would want to keep your files handy. And if you need more, you’ve always got the cloud.

Enjoy the restful moments

You don’t always have to work on the iPad Pro, you can enjoy it, too. The full breadth of the App Store is at your fingertips, providing access to all of the most popular apps. Streaming video on such a beautiful display will make downtime feel natural. Whether it’s catching up with friends on FaceTime, or playing games with the richest graphics, you won’t go wrong with a tablet like this.