Luggage Sets



A Quick Look at Luggage Sets

If you always have trouble spotting your luggage on the baggage carousel, it might be worthwhile to invest in a luggage set. Luggage sets usually come in matching colours and designs, and include different sized luggage, from carry-ons to large suitcases. Look no further than Best Buy for the best selection of luggage sets from brands like Bugatti, Roots and Air Canada.

Learn More about Luggage Sets

Number of pieces in your set can range anywhere from two suitcases and a carry-on bag to four or more suitcases and a few carry-on options. With so many pieces, luggage sets are great for families.

Size of the luggage in your set will typically include 18”-22” carry-on luggage, 23”-27” midsize luggage and 28”-32” large luggage. Luggage sets can give you many travel packing options at a more affordable price than individually purchasing each size of luggage.

Unique colours and designs help your luggage stand out on a busy airport carousel. Look for a set with matching colours and/or designs so you can easily spot your luggage and ensure you don’t leave anything behind.

Wheels and handles give all the pieces in your luggage set great versatility. You’ll be able to cart around your suitcases with ease if everything comes with wheels, grab handles (which attach to the top or side of your baggage), and telescopic (extending) handles.