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Luggage Types

There are almost as many luggage types as there are destinations to take them to! Consider, for instance, the outer shell of a given bag. This shell can be hard, soft, or some combination of the two (called hybrid luggage), and this is just one of the many considerations one faces when purchasing new luggage. You also have to decide among the various luggage sizes, which typically consist of carry-on bags (those up to 21 inches in height), midsize luggage (anywhere from 23 to 26 inches in height), and large luggage (bags between 27 and 32 inches). Anything beyond than that is likely to result in extra fees being assessed by the airlines.

The size bag you choose depends on a number of factors, including the length of your trip and how light or heavy you prefer to travel. Some may even find that an entire set of matching luggage is necessary—for instance, families travelling together. If everyone’s bag has the same design aesthetic (albeit in a variety of different sizes), they’ll be easier to find on the luggage conveyor.

Features and Materials

There are several key features that go into making a top flight piece of luggage. One such example is the popular upright spinner design that features 4 independently mounted wheels which allow the bag to stand upright on its own without any help from you. These bags also glide very smoothly across practically any surface that you’re likely to encounter during travel.

Also popular are bags offering lightweight designs regardless of their size. These bags often weigh less than 10 pounds, which is mostly due to the materials used in their construction. Moreover, the materials used sacrifice no strength to achieve these lighter weights. The big advantage here—aside from having much less weight to drag about the airport, is that you’re not using half of the weight allowance on the bag itself.

And then there’s the outer shell of the luggage, which may be hard (typically featuring polycarbonate or ABS plastic), soft, or even a hybrid of hard & soft materials. Hard side luggage, in particular, is noted for being extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about your bag being damaged if it’s brutally manhandled during transport!

Great Lugagge Options

When it comes to getting a quality piece of luggage, Best Buy has you covered with a variety of great options from all of the major brands. Names like Heys and Samsonite lead the way with excellent choices in every possible size and design configuration. Whether you need just a single bag to get by, or you prefer an entire luggage set (the most cost effective way to acquire great luggage, by the way!), you’re sure to find the ideal bag (or bags) for you and your travel itinerary.

Many of these bags are expandable (for added convenience) and offer numerous pockets and compartments to place your belongings in. Best Buy even carries bags that are marketed by major airlines and rail companies. For instance, there are bags from WestJet, which helps to reduce the fear of travelling with an oversized bag and the resultant additional fees. After all, if the carrier service itself has designed the bag, it’s sure to meet with their approval!

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