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Keep a Handle on Toiletries (and Spills!) While You Travel

When packing for a trip, compartmentalization is key. Packing cubes, zippered pockets, cosmetic bags, and makeup bags will help you keep your belongings organized while you’re on the go, allowing you to find everything you’re looking for in a moment’s notice.

A great toiletry bag is sized for your needs, and will be made efficiently with the features that you’re looking for.

Hanging Toiletry Bags

Many people choose to bring a hanging toiletry bag with them when they travel. They’re a handy way to allow you access (and visibility) into a number of pockets simultaneously, and they take up very little space. A great hanging toiletry bag rolls or zips up into a small bag when closed, but unravels with clear or see-through pockets.

Look for flexible, fast-drying, easy-to-clean materials for a travel wash bag, like durable nylon.

Stylish Cosmetic Bags and Makeup Cases

If you wear cosmetics on a regular basis, chances are, you’ll be bringing a makeup bag with you when you travel. Cosmetics are frequently stored separately from toiletries during travel, as they’re more easily damaged by leaking products and may be more fragile overall.

Consider storing liquids like foundation and primer in a toiletry bag that’s separate from your makeup bag or aluminum makeup kit (also known as a train case). Look for tiered makeup cases if you’ll be carrying a lot of product—for instance, as a makeup artist—or opt for a smaller makeup organizer bag as a consumer. Train cases will take up the majority of your suitcase, and frequently travel better as carry-on.

Men’s Toiletry Bags

Toiletry bags for men typically have one large internal pocket with 1-2 additional small compartments. They’re designed around the idea of a Dopp kit, a classic style of men’s toiletry bag with plenty of room for a badger brush or electric razor.

For a luxurious travel experience, look for a leather toiletry kit. For an efficient toilet bag, remember that not all hanging bags have small makeup compartments. Many men’s toiletry bags have both a large central compartment and the ability to hang from their closure.

TSA-Approved Toiletry Bags

When travelling by air, remember that the TSA requires carry-on liquids to be stored in approved sizes, and often in a clear bag. Store larger liquids (such as standard-sized shampoo or lotion) in your checked luggage, and consider zipping them into a large freezer bag to prevent any spills from making a mess.

For carry-on toiletries, ensure that all liquids list a product volume of 100 ml or less—yes, even if they’re mostly empty. TSA regulations state that all of these products must fit in a clear, quart-sized toiletry bag, which will need to be removed from your carry-on at security. Select a TSA-approved toiletry kit with travel bottles for a quick and easy security check, and have a safe journey!