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Freedom Wars - Fighting Giant Robots in a Dystopic Future (Pre-order Bonus)

by kdiston from 08-30-2014

freedom-wars2.jpgI think the title about sums it up really.  A third person action title, team up in groups of four to take down monstrous robots.  One of the years many PS Vita Releases, Freedom Wars was released to great success in Japan, though, they do like fighting giant robots over there... then again, so do we! Held prisoner for the crime of 'being alive', work off your debt destroying robo-menaces, save innocent lives, and don't forget... let's have fun out there people.

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Project CARS - Online Pre-order Bonus for the Evolution of the Racing Sim

by kdiston from 08-29-2014

ProjectCarsLogo.jpgA game with a very appropriate name, in two words Project CARS (Community Assisted Racing Simulator) is a project in crowd funding a racing platform that will probably be THE game for the Racing SIM enthusiast.  Boasting more tracks than its competition, and a beefy car roster, Project CARS is an 'open' driving experience unlocking everything from the word go (or should I have said 'drop of the flag'?) allowing racers to choose when, where, and what their racing experience will be, across Career paths, Solo stuff, multiple Motorsports, Online, and Community, this is one garage with a lot of stuff in it.

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Ultra Street Fighter IV - Review

by kdiston from 08-28-2014

ultra_sf4_wall.jpgTHE massively successful fighting game of most any generation it has existed in, Street Fighter's current iteration, Street Fighter IV sparked a resurgence in fighting genre interest, unlike anything since the Mortal Kombat guys first started ripping off bits and pieces of one another. Constantly tested and pushed by its community, updates have long been a part of Street Fighter. Ultra this, Arcade Edition that, is it worth it?  In a word, yes.  In two, Oh heck yes. Ultra Street Fighter IV ladies and gentleman, lets fight.

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