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Review: Hyrule Warriors steps on new ground but respects tradition

by paliontology from 09-28-2014

HyruleLogo.pngHyrule Warriors is a joint collaboration between the folks at Nintendo and KOEI Tecmo.  Meant to envision the Legend of Zelda's characters mashed into the Dynasty Warriors style of gameplay, Hyrule Warriors takes your favourite characters into uncharactered territory, but does a good job doing it.  Come check out the latest in the Legend of Zelda universe.

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Review: Killer Instinct Combo Breaker Pack is a blast from the past

by paliontology from 09-24-2014

Killer_Instinct_Boxshot_Front_ESRB_RGB.jpgI have a few lasting memories of all the hours of Killer Instinct I played as a kid: Firstly that Orchid was possibly the pound for pound easiest button mashing character in fight gaming until Eddy Gordo showed up in Tekken 3. Secondly was how demeaning and frustrating a combo breaker was!  On the 20th anniversary of the first Killer Instinct, the full first season is our for Xbox Live in disc form at a VERY reasonable price.  Come check out the Killer Instinct Combo Breaker Pack.

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Fifa 15 - World Class Soccer Never Looked So Good

by kdiston from 09-24-2014


A global sport, Soccer (or Football, depending on where you live) has long been paired with another platform of universal acceptance and immersion, the video game.  From pixels of color crudely punting a block on a dimly rendered plain, to cutting edge in facial animations, ball physics, crowd reactions, you name it, the Sports Game is sitting pretty, and never more so than with Fifa 15. With 600 new animations, dynamic AI, increased competition on the pitch, and more, the 'Beautiful Game' has never looked better.

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