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Play all the hottest titles on your personal computer with an amazing selection of the best PC Games

PC's are one of the most diverse and customizable platforms for playing today's hottest titles. The PC platform is highly upgradeable, offers a wide variety of choice in peripherals and custom controls, and often has the support of an active and engaged modding community. And with a library of accessible titles vastly larger than any single home console, there is a wealth of choice for players of all skill levels. For these reasons and more, many gamers are dedicated to the PC as their first choice for playing the latest and most popular games on the market.

Why play on PC?

Unlike home gaming consoles, which are extremely limited in their capacity for upgrades, a PC can be as powerful as your budget will allow. This means that with the proper PC gaming setup, nearly all of the biggest multi-platform games will have the capacity to look (and perform) the very best on PC.

The PC isn’t just highly customizable as an engine for running the best PC games, it’s also incredibly user-friendly when it comes to playing them. It’s very easy to choose a keyboard and mouse configuration, or to flip to a connected gamepad accessory depending on the style of game being played. Furthermore, PC games offer the most accessibility in custom controls, programmable macros, and other shortcuts and hacks for tailoring your perfect gaming experience. Many of the best PC games also have huge communities of modders and fans creating unique experiences that only exist on the PC platform.

The best PC exclusives of all time

PC isn’t just (arguably) the best way to play many of the top games appearing across multiple platforms, it’s also the exclusive platform for some of the biggest games ever made. With its traditional mouse and keyboard configuration, the PC has always been home to many of the greatest RPG, MMORPG, and strategy titles that really require a more robust user interface than can be achieved with a simple gamepad.

This is evident in gargantuan PC games such as the ubiquitous MMORPG World of Warcraft, as well as the massive real-time strategy hit Starcraft II, and of course arguably the biggest game in the world—the MOBA strategy titan League of Legends. These are some of the most popular and competitive video games on a global scale, and they are only playable on the PC platform.

How to shop for PC games

At Best Buy you can browse a wide selection of the best PC games using a number of handy filters and options. Check out the “Status” heading to sort by the most recent games under “What’s New” or take a look at upcoming releases under “Preorder”.

You can also see which titles are presently on sale under the “Current Offers” heading. Here you can take a look at both PC games that are “On Sale” as well as “On Clearance”. This is the best way to find the hottest deals on many of the latest PC games.

There are many more ways to filter through PC games at Best Buy, including by genre, ESRB rating, or even customer rating, just to name a few.

Digital games and prepaid game cards

Today nearly every PC game is digital-only. Even PC games that come in a traditional box with a CD contain installation files only, while access to play the game itself is tied to an included redemption code. For this reason, it’s often just as easy to simply purchase a digital download code rather than a physically boxed PC game. Best Buy offers a number of PC games as digital-only purchases.

There is also a wide selection of prepaid game cards available that offer content for many of the top PC games currently available. These include prepaid game time for subscription-based titles such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV Online, as well as prepaid currency for certain digital storefronts or specific games such as League of Legends.