Unlock a world of gaming fun at your fingertips with Prepaid Game Cards

Video game platforms are relying more and more on digital transactions every day. From in-game currency to DLC add-ons and even full-game releases, nearly everything can be purchased online. In a world where digital purchases are becoming more and more prevalent, increased convenience and peace of mind can be found with prepaid game cards.

Why use a prepaid game card?

Prepaid game cards can be incredibly convenient. They allow purchasers to access gaming content and currency instantly simply by entering an alphanumeric code printed on the card into their gaming platform of choice. For many, the best feature of a prepaid game card is that they can accomplish this without entering their credit card information online.

Many consumers do not want to give out their personal information—including their credit card information—to online services such as gaming platforms and digital storefronts. Conversely, many gamers do not even have access to a credit card whatsoever. This is one reason why prepaid game cards are so indispensable. They can be purchased securely online or at the store the same way you would purchase any other product, and can then be redeemed in place of a digital credit card purchase.

Prepaid game cards make great gifts

Not only do prepaid game cards alleviate the need for a credit card when making purchases online, they also make a fantastic gift for the gamer in your life. Prepaid game cards can be as broad as simply providing currency that is spendable across an entire digital storefront (such as the PlayStation Network digital store, the Xbox Live digital store, or Steam on PC), or even specifically targeted for some of today’s hottest games, such as League of Legends or Fortnite.

Either way, any gamer will always be thrilled with extra spending currency on their favourite game or platform, and it takes the guesswork out of trying to predict just what game or add-on the recipient would really want or need.

Types of prepaid game cards

There is a wide variety prepaid game cards available for consumers to purchase. Here is a brief look at some of the different types to choose from.

Digital storefronts

Prepaid game cards that provide spending money for specific gaming platforms are very popular. They essentially act as monetary credit good for the purchase of anything—be it a game, DLC add-on, in-game currency, and more—available from that digital store. Every major gaming platform has its own digital storefront, including the PlayStation Network digital store, the Xbox Live digital store, the Nintendo eShop, and Steam for PC, just to name a few.

Subscription services

Prepaid game cards are also a great way to add additional time to your favourite subscription service. Online services such as Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Online can all be obtained through the purchase of prepaid game cards. Other subscription services include those that provide gamers with a library of playable titles such asXbox Game Pass or EA Access, as well as specific online games that require a monthly subscription such as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Full games and DLC add-ons

If you already know which game you wish to purchase, chances are you can buy a digital download code for that title on your platform of choice. You can also purchase DLC add-ons this way, which can certainly be convenient as these typically aren’t available for physical purchase the way that full-game releases are. Sometimes full-game digital purchases are also bundled with additional content or in-game currency in a single prepaid game card.

In-game currency

Many of the most popular modern video games include additional micro-transactions that can be made using in-game currency. Rather than make these purchases directly on their credit card, players often have the alternative option to add currency to their account through prepaid game cards. Some of the biggest recent titles that use in-game currency for micro-transactions include League of Legends, Fortnite, and Roblox.