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Review: Unleash your inner composer in Fantasia: Music Evolved

by paliontology from 10-24-2014

FantasiaMusicEvolved.jpgWhen I was a child, the first two Disney movies my mom bought were The Rescuers Down Under and Fantasia.  Music aside, I hated Fantasia.  Absolutely hated it. As I grew older, I learned to appreciate that it wasn't a prototypical Disney movie, and learned to appreciate what it was.  It gave me a better appreciation of Fantasia 2000, and now the fact that I've been looking forward to Fantasia: Music Evolved ever since it was announced. It's here, and it's quite the workout.  Come check it out!

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Drive the lanes in a big way in NBA 2K15!

by paliontology from 10-15-2014

NBA2K15.jpegI'm not going to lie - I have a love/hate relationship with the NBA, and have for the last 15 years. However, if there's one thing consistently that falls into the "love" category, it's the NBA 2K series. With the exception of a glitch that made me rage quit NBA 2K13, I've been a loyal series fan for years now, moreso since NBA 2K11 rocked our worlds and turned the series into the juggernaut it is now.  This year's edition promises to be no different. Come take a look.

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My day with NBA 2K15 and the Toronto Raptors

by paliontology from 10-07-2014

2K15Banner.jpgThe Toronto Raptors brought their preseason to Vancouver, BC recently, and I had the chance to attend a day of fun featuring NBA 2K15, the Raptors vs. Kings and even attend NBA Fantasy Camp. The only schooling I'll ever have the chance to do is on the virtual basketball court, or so say my sore quads and lack of vert. Still, it was a great time. Click below to check out the festivities and catch my thoughts on NBA 2K15!

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