Get the most out of your digital library with Xbox 360 Hard Drives and Memory

More and more of our entertainment is going the direction of digital media. Whereas your game collection used to take up space on your bookshelf, it’s now beginning to take up more and more space on your console itself instead. Even though it can’t be seen, the size of your digital game collection is no less relevant than that of your physical library—in fact the limitations of digital storage may be even more pressing than the issue of finding space in the real world for your discs and cartridges. So make sure you always have ample digital with Xbox 360 Hard Drives and Memory.

Internal storage

When you purchase an Xbox 360 console, it will include an internal hard drive with a set amount of storage space for games and media. The amount of space can vary, and will be noted on the console packaging and product description. You can also check the storage space of a console (including the volume of space currently used and currently remaining) in the system settings.

Throughout its lifetime different models of the Xbox 360 shipped with as little as 4 GB of internal storage space, or as much as 500 GB. It’s also important to note that a certain amount of this internal space is reserved for saved games, console software, and other system functions. For example, a 250 GB Xbox Slim hard drive actually has only approximately 229 GB free for the consumer’s use.

Why do I need so much space?

Games are requiring more space than ever before, not just with digital-only titles, but with mandatory installation data being transferred from physical disc-based media as well. Some Xbox 360 titles require a large chunk of data to be installed from the disc directly to the console before they can be enjoyed.

Many players also have larger game libraries than ever before. With the advent of free titles through “Games with Gold”, and the increasing appeal of digital sales combined with the convenience of shopping from home, players’ digital libraries are proliferating much more rapidly than was the case with previous generations. As a result, the need for an increasingly large amount of digital storage space is growing just as quickly.

External hard drives

The easiest solution for increasing Xbox 360 storage capacity is through an external hard drive. In most cases upgrading this way is as easy as plugging in an external hard drive directly to the Xbox 360 console via USB. Most external hard drives should be compatible—but not every hard drive on the market is guaranteed to work universally. The Xbox 360 does have a feature however that will attempt to configure a new hard drive and let the user know if it is not compatible. There are also a few external hard drives available that are specifically branded for the Xbox 360, and are therefore guaranteed to work with the console.

Internal hard drives

Another option is to replace the internal hard drive of your Xbox 360 console, swapping it out for one with more storage space. This method is a bit trickier however. When approaching a hard drive upgrade from this perspective, you’ll want to ensure you confirm that the replacement hard drive is compatible with your model of Xbox 360 console. The actual size and design of the drive is an important factor as it must be able to fit inside and connect to the console internally.

Microsoft’s website offers more information on the compatibility requirements of internal hard drives, as well as the method for replacing them in each specific console model. In particular with internal hard drives, it is a good idea to seek out options that are specifically branded and designed for the Xbox 360 console.