Health is a beautiful thing.

Track your sleep, activity, and recovery with the Oura Ring and Oura Membership. Whether you’re focusing on your fitness or managing your stress, take control of your health in style.

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Both styles have identical technical and hardware capabilities.

Size before you buy

Choosing the right Oura Ring size is essential for comfort and accurate reading.

Oura Ring sizes are different than standard sizing.

The Oura Ring Sizing Kit is the best way to ensure a comfortable and accurate experience. With a purchase of the Sizing Kit, you'll receive a $10 eCertificate to use towards your Oura Ring.

Or, visit a Best Buy store near you to measure your ring size.

Oura Experience

More power to you with Oura Membership.

Your Oura Ring and the Oura Membership work hand-in-hand to help you feel your best. As a member, you'll experience continuous health monitoring and deeply personal guidance that improves over time as Oura gets to know your body.

Get your first month free, and $7.99 plus tax/month afterwards.*

*Offer available to new members only. Membership is tied to your account accessible via the Oura App, not your physical ring.

Sleep, readiness, and activity scores are just the beginning

Heart health.

Your heart is one of the most powerful signals of your overall health and well-being. Oura monitors your heart rate and HRV daily, so you never miss a beat.

Illness detection.

Oura helps you identify early changes in your health by analyzing changes in your temperature trends, heart rate variability, and other key body signals.


Oura's Stress feature detects moments of stress to help you identify your unique stress triggers and recovery tactics.

Women's health.

Oura helps you understand how your cycle affects your body, so you can make better, informed decisions about your health.

Easy to wear, everywhere.

Research-grade sensors
Comparable to gold standard sleep lab testing.
Long battery life
Up to 7 days battery life.
Lightweight titanium
4 to 6 grams / w: 7.9mm / thickness: 2.55mm
Water resistant
Up to 100 meters (330 ft.)

Oura Ring gives the gift of health.

Help a friend or loved one track their wellness by giving them an Oura Ring Sizing Kit and a Best Buy gift card they can use toward an Oura Ring.*

*Gift cards are shipped separately.

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