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Appliances for Every Home

What to consider when appliance shopping

Best Buy carries a large selection of appliances online—from refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers to ranges, washers, and dryers. You’ll find all the most popular appliance brands at prices that fit anyone’s budget. And in just about every style and size you can think of. So whether you’re just replacing an old fridge or completely renovating your kitchen, you can get all your appliances in Canada, in one place.


As a room’s dimensions are usually determined before appliances are purchased, the size of them is the first thing to think about. You’re going to want your fridge to fit into its allotted space, and your range to be flush with the counter. So be sure to check that the unit’s dimensions fit the kitchen’s.

Colour and Style

It’s the 21st century and you want your tastes to reflect that. But when it comes to choosing appliances, your options are many. The easiest way to choose is to stick with a theme; decide the colour you want, and match them. Many brands market their appliances in a series so that they all match beautifully, making the process of selection much easier.


Top freezer vs. bottom freezer fridges, gas vs. electric ranges, free-standing vs. built-in dishwashers, and so on —there are so many different appliance formats to choose from. It might seem daunting at first, but really, it allows you to customize your kitchen to your specifications and needs.


Appliances are no longer boring, single-function devices. Most manufacturers have upped the ante with amazing features that make the units easier to use, more energy efficient, and incredibly convenient. From LED displays on fridges to induction burners on the latest ranges, there’s a lot of cool technology found in appliances. Smart appliances are the next wave in home automation. These appliances connect to your WiFi home network and allow you to control settings and receive notifications from your mobile device.

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