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We provide services and technology solutions for caregiving.

Best Buy Health is dedicated to improving the quality of life and enriching the experience of caregiving.

What is Best Buy Health?

Best Buy Health is driven by the belief that technology can make life better at any age for any need. We provide services and technology that help caregivers, enhance digital skills, and expand the reach of businesses that specialize in care.

Best Buy Health is supported by a nationwide team of Geek Squad Agents, certified to deliver services to vulnerable individuals.

Best Buy Health currently offers three main programs:

Assured Living.

Best Buy Health’s wellness monitoring program provides peace of mind to caregivers while allowing their family members to live independently and safely at home.

As a caregiver you can choose the services that meet your needs: check in with your family member through video and voice chat, or get insights and alerts if anything is out of the ordinary thanks to discrete sensors placed throughout their home.

Digital Citizen.

Empower seniors with knowledge and skills to confidently use technology. Digital Citizen offers educational and technical support so seniors can connect with family and friends, stay informed, and be entertained.

Expand Your Reach.

If you have a business that specializes in technology that can improve the lives of seniors, Expand Your Reach can help you scale up—even to a national level. We offer a wide range of services to support businesses in health care, senior living, long-term, and in-home care.

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