Ultimate Ears

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Ultimate Ears is a leading innovator of convenient and advanced audio tech for your listening pleasure

Ultimate Ears Portable Speakers

Ultimate Ears has been established as a go-to for portable speakers by tech users around the world. With the creation of innovative portable speakers that take portable Bluetooth speakers to the next level, Ultimate Ears has become an audio specialist. Their well-designed and durable portable speakers provide an immersive listening experience through a small, sleek, and easily transported vessel. With a large variety of sizes, styles, and features to choose from, you are sure to find a perfect fit for all your listening needs. Some popular models include the UE Boom, the UE Megaboom, and the UE Wonderboom.

Ultimate Ears Waterproof Technology

One of the stand-out features of Ultimate Ears is their sophisticated waterproof technology. These speakers are well-known for withstanding even the biggest of spills, falls, and splashes. In fact, you can even drop your UE Boom speaker into the pool and rest assured it will continue playing your music without missing a beat. Take your UE speaker out with you to the beach, or even on the floaty, without the anxiety of damaging it or bumming out the party.

Ultimate Ears Headsets

Ultimate Ears headsets come equipped to give you a listening experience sure to keep you brand-loyal. With features such as noise cancellation, microphones, and on-cord controls for calls and music, Ultimate Ears headsets are the multi-functional headphones you’ve been on the hunt for.

Ultimate Ears Accessories

Your Ultimate Ears portable speakers come equipped with the appropriate accessories needed for charging, but you can also find some extra add-ons to add to your Ultimate Ears family. Available now is a portable charger dock that you can take anywhere with you to ensure your UE Blast and UE Megablast speakers stay charged and ready to go at anytime. Convenient and necessary for anyone who enjoys having that constant soundtrack to their life going.

Ultimate Ears makes a speaker fit for everyone; with a dynamic variety of well-made, durable and long-lasting portable speakers, headphones, and accessories to choose from, you’ll never go sound-hungry again.