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39 results

Alcatel keeps things simple with devices that are easy to use and easy to understand, no matter how tech-savvy you are.

Alcatel has a long history in the evolution of cell phones going back to its first models in the 1990s. TCL owns Alcatel as a wholly owned subsidiary, when it rebranded the former Alcatel OneTouch to simply Alcatel, including a new logo and focus. Its pedigree is in making affordable smartphones and flip phones that are highly accessible without the premium price.

Alcatel smartphones

Alcatel’s smartphones are not about specs, but more about access for the average user. They run on Android and include full access to Google Play to download apps and games, so you can get more than just the apps that come pre-installed.

You can benefit from fast speeds through the LTE network, and since the phones also come unlocked, you can use an Alcatel device with the most popular wireless carriers. You don’t have to go on contract nor change your plan when you get one outright.

Large screens above 5-inches are standard on Alcatel smartphones, as are cameras and headphone jacks. You can capture photos and video anytime or plug in a pair of headphones. They do support Bluetooth for wireless playback, and if you do run out of space, you can slide in a microSD card to expand on the internal storage.

Alcatel flip phones

A flip phone can provide the type of convenience and peace of mind that’s ideal when you don’t want something complicated. Alcatel makes flip phones designed with simplicity and functionality in mind.

Some of the benefits of Alcatel’s flip phones include long-lasting battery life, clear calls, a small form factor and software that’s easy to navigate. When closed, a secondary display on the outer shell shows the time and other important notifications, like incoming calls and text messages.

While flip phones may not have all the features smartphones do, they can still feel just as quick on LTE and Wi-Fi. You can upgrade the internal storage with a microSD card, helping you capture photos and video without worrying about space. There’s even a headphone jack to plug and listen to music, or Bluetooth to cut all cords.

Whether it’s a big screen or a phone you flip open, Alcatel has it covered.