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Altec Lansing Serves Your Portable Audio Needs with their Wide Array of Headphones and Bluetooth Speakers

Altec Lansing Has Audio Pedigree

For decades Altec Lansing has produced audio products that make quality sound accessible to the masses in new and creative ways. By combining funky styling with the newest technology, Altec Lansing is able to provide speakers and headphones that offer your ears something they can enjoy without breaking the bank, all while wrapping it up in new and interesting form factors.

The hallmark of Altec Lansing’s catalogue is their ability to provide incredible value while at the same time producing products that have myriad uses and unique styles; music to the ears of their diverse fanbase.

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Earphones

Spanning the field from wired, in-line controlled headphones that get the job done all the way to true wireless Bluetooth earbuds that free your ears from the tangle of wires; Altec Lansing’s portfolio of earphones has something for everyone. Some of the more specialized sets of earphones available from Altec offer top-shelf features like 6+ hour battery life and IPX7 ratings, meaning those earphones are waterproof enough they can actually be submerged for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water.

If running and exercise is your thing, Altec Lansing’s array of active and sport earphones are sweatproof, offer comfortable and secure-fitting designs, and even come with LED lit cables and accents to keep you highly visible if you’re out at night.

Altec Lansing Over and On Ear Headphones

If you’re looking to feel the bass of your tunes and really get immersed into what you’re listening to, Over-ear and On-ear headphones are going to deliver that deep, rich sound. Active noise cancelling shuts out the crazy world around you and lets the magic ring true. ‘Just Ask’ technology lets your headphones work with your phone’s assistant, no matter what type of device you’ve got. Huge 24hr+ battery life keeps the party going so you won’t have to worry about charging up every time you want to use your headphones. Memory foam ear cups and solid construction keep you comfy while you listen on for hours at a time.

Altec Lansing Portable Bluetooth Speakers

One of the most respected names in Bluetooth speakers continues to launch seriously funky devices that raise the bar as they drop the beat. Many models feature solid designs rugged enough for active lifestyles that might see everything from dust to dirt, and even water. Some of Altec’s portable speakers offer up to 100ft of range so you can bring your phone with you as you DJ the party on the move. IP67 rating means it’ll stand up to dirt, dust, snow, and water, so you can rock out in any environment; even as you bob along next to your floating speaker! One of the coolest features for folks who like to share their tunes and let friends introduce them to their favourite tracks is party mode. Up to 50 different devices can connect to a single speaker, letting anyone jump in and add their favourite track to the party playlist.

From epic details and designs, to features that satisfy the needs of even the most extreme music lover, Altec Lansing delivers audio products that will stop the show. Right before they kick it into high gear.