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  • From mobile tablets to smart speakers, e-readers, and smart home products, Amazon makes a wide range of technology products to serve your entertainment needs

    Amazon Smart Speakers

    Amazon’s smart speakers are leaders among the pack, starting from the tiny, hockey puck-sized Echo Dot to the tabletop Echo Show that adds a screen to the equation. Available in fabric finishes like charcoal, sandstone, and heather grey, each connects to the Wi-Fi in your home and serves as your personal digital assistant. Ask it about the weather, daily news headlines, or traffic, have it tell you a joke, add an item to your calendar, set a timer for the pot roast, call a friend, or play music from your favourite streaming service. They can also be set up to control other smart devices in your home, all by voice, including lighting, security cameras, thermostats, and more. The Echo Show adds a screen so you can see visual results of a web search, who’s at the door with a compatible doorbell camera, or someone’s face when you place a video call.

    Amazon Smart Home

    Amazon’s smart home products move beyond its range of smart speakers to other devices that can enhance your home entertainment experience. Fire TV products, including the Fire TV Stick media streamer, Fire TV Cube, and Alexa remote for Fire Stick TV, make it easy to access to your favourite streaming TV services, channels, and apps and watch content on the big screen, and access Alexa skills. Control everything with your smartphone or other mobile device, using the included remote, or even by voice. Additionally, Amazon offers smart home products like its Wi-Fi Smart Plug that can turn any device plugged into it, like a lamp, fan, or small appliance, into a smart one that you can control using the app or your voice.

    Amazon Tablets

    Amazon’s FireOS tablets come in a variety of screen sizes from 7” up to 10” and capacities from 16GB up to 64GB, with the ability to add more storage through an optional microSD memory card. Surf the web, access a multitude of apps, watch videos, and more on the compact mobile devices. They sport long battery life to get you through the day; Dolby Atmos audio in some models offers a more immersive listening experience. Quad-core processors in the latest models ensure quick and seamless operation, and exclusive features include ASAP, X-Ray, Second Screen, and Blue Shade.

    E-readers and Computing Accessories

    Kindle e-readers allow you to immerse yourself in a favorite novel, educational text, or other book comfortably with an E-ink screen that mimics the look of a paperback book. With an ample 6” touchscreen, capacities range from 8GB up to 32GB in finishes like white and black. The battery lasts for weeks, making them the perfect travel companion.

    If you’re into podcasting or recording music, Amazon also has a line of condenser microphones, including models for smartphones or desktop use, a professional USB condenser mic, and a portable one for on-the-go use. You can also get a six-foot microphone cable so you can place the mic right where you need it to ensure crisp and clear audio pick-up.

    Whether you want to entertain yourself by binging a new series from a streaming TV service, rock out to some great tunes at a gathering, plan out your day or see what’s on your calendar, immerse yourself in a good book, record your next podcast, or make your home as smart as possible, Amazon has you covered with its smart speakers, tablets, e-readers, smart home products, mics, and more.