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Bell has the network and device lineup to serve anyone looking for a premium experience every time they look at a screen.

Bell has Canada’s largest 4G LTE network covering 99 percent of the population. As a pioneer in telephony going back to Alexander Graham Bell’s invention almost 150 years ago, the country’s largest telecom company has continued the tradition of connecting people with the latest wireless technologies.

What plans and services does Bell offer?

There are rate plans covering the most demanding needs or the most casual use cases. These include unlimited plans for talk, text and data with access to the fastest LTE speeds Bell offers on its network. Large cities can go even faster with LTE Advanced, where you can theoretically more than double the speed when browsing, streaming and downloading.

Whether you bring your own device or choose to go with a term contract, there are plans for yourself, or shareable plans to pool data together with loved ones. There are plenty of gigabytes to use and you can select a plan with up to 50GB per month.

Plans and services also go beyond smartphones through add-on data plans that cover a range of other connected devices. These can be tablets, smartwatches, connected cars, security cameras (Arlo Go) and basic flip phones.

Which phones work on the Bell network?

Bell’s network infrastructure enables it to offer the latest and greatest smartphones available. That includes the best Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei and LG have to offer. These phones are compatible with the most up-to-date services Bell provides, from the fastest LTE speeds to the extra add-on plans to connect other devices.

With a Bell SIM, you can also get more out of your phone at home and abroad. Turn on Wi-Fi Calling on any phone offering it, and your calls and text messages will work over a Wi-Fi network when at home or out of coverage areas.

Roam Better lets you keep your SIM while travelling to the United States or internationally and use your talk, text and data as if you were still at home. For a small fee each day, you won’t have to change phones or swap out for a different SIM card.

How do you sign up for a Bell phone and plan?

It’s easy to sign up with Bell on a plan, no matter if you bring your own device or get a new one. Visit any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile location to get started with qualified staff that can walk you through the process and find the right setup for you.

Best Buy offers all the best phones Bell supports, plus unlocked devices that will work on its network, ensuring you have plenty to choose from when you’re ready for an upgrade or a carrier change.

Bell has plans for more than just smartphones, and more than just yourself.