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BenQ has monitors and projectors for gaming, creative professionals, businesses/home office, home entertainment, and more, providing crystal clear image quality, smooth motion, and long life.

BenQ Gaming Monitors and Projectors

BenQ offers a versatile line-up of monitors and projectors designed to enhance the gaming experience. The LCD and LED monitors come in a range of sizes, from 24” up to 32” or larger, with 4K HDR options, and boast features like flicker-free technology, 1ms response time, and motion blur reduction so gamers don’t miss a beat when partaking in fast-action games.

The monitors offer lag-free graphics, good viewing from any angle, and some can swivel and tilt to accommodate multiple players or activities. Some are even curved in design.

Additionally, BenQ offers gaming (and home theatre) projectors that offer similarly quick response time, low input lag, and no motion blur. Some models include a special Game Mode that can bring out hidden details in dark shadows and bright highlights in a dark room, and Game (Bright) Mode that offers no loss of image details in well-lit environments.

BenQ Monitor for Creative Professionals

BenQ has creative professionals, including photographers and graphic designers, covered with various monitors that include features specifically for them, to help them enhance their work processes and get more accurate pictures.

The photographer monitors, for example, cover 99% of the Adobe RGC colour space so professionals can view their photos exactly as they took them, seeing precise and clear colours and tones. Some even include an ambient-reducing shade hood to further ensure colour accuracy, or you can purchase one separately.

For designers, there are models in the DesignVue collection that include three special modes: darkroom, CAD/CAM, and animation display. They offer an 8-bit colour table, IPS panels, and HDMI and DisplayPort for connecting a range of peripherals. There are also 4K monitors that boast 100% sRGB, Rec. 709 colour space accuracy that can reproduce over one-billion colours on screen, along with multiple picture modes to help graphic designers, video editors, and other creative professionals with post-production work.

BenQ Home Theatre & Home Office Gear

BenQ also offers a wide range of monitors and projectors for home theatre and home office use. Available in a variety of sizes, the monitors include features like FreeSync 2 technology for smooth and seamless action, and Eye-Care technology, which minimizes eye strain by reducing blue light and flickering. With high contrast, fine details, and accurate colour, the monitors are as great for everyday work as they are for entertainment.

Meanwhile, BenQ offers both data projectors for things like business presentations that come with an IR remote and can project an image up to 300” with Ethernet and RS-232 connectivity, as well as home theatre projectors for setting up your own theatre experience at home. These range from 720p projectors to Pro Cinema 4K models with THX certification, Dynamic Black technology, and 8.3 million pixel detail. Some are 3D-ready as well if you want to watch compatible content with 3D glasses.

Whether you’re working at home or the office, immersed in video games, or enjoying a great movie, BenQ has you covered with monitors and projectors to suit a variety of needs.