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Bosch Designs Appliances To Simplify Your Life

At Bosch Canada, the goal has always been to create appliances to make your everyday life easier. Bosch appliances are well known for being quiet, reliable, and one step ahead of the rest. For over 125 years, Bosch has been a top brand homeowners turn to when it’s time for a new refrigerator, stove or cooktop, wall oven, washer and dryer, dishwasher, or microwave.

Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch dishwashers have beautiful design, with front or top hidden controls and finishes like black stainless steel. While they’re easy on the eyes, it’s how quiet they run that will impress you most. Bosch dishwashers are the quietest dishwasher brand on the market, and they run so quietly they’ve had to add a light to let you know it’s turned on. With the MyWay™ third rack, you get the flexibility to load dishes the way you’d like to, and Home Connect will turn your dishwasher on from anywhere you are.

Bosch Refrigerator

With a sleek European design and slim, counter-depth, French door, or bottom freezer options, a Bosch fridge will seamlessly integrate into your kitchen. Bosch refrigerators have LED lighting to brighten every corner, OptiFlex hinges for a flush and seamless installation with your countertops, and dual evaporators for fridge and freezer to ensure everything stays at the optimal temperatures. Some models have Home Connect built in, and you’ll receive an alert if your fridge door is left open.

Bosch washer and dryers

You can stack them in your closet or install them side by side; however you set up your Bosch washer dryer combo, you’ll enjoy the fastest wash and dry cycle possible. On Bosch 24-inch washers and dryers it takes a total of 30 minutes to complete a wash and dry cycle. Both appliances plug into one outlet, and large capacity Bosch washers can launder 18 bath towels in a single load. With Energy Star and technology like AquaStop for leak protection, a Bosch washer and dryer will decrease your energy bill and ensure you avoid laundry room floods.

Bosch microwave

Bosch microwaves are designed to be versatile. Choose a built-in microwave, over-the-range microwave, or drawer microwave and you’ll enjoy large interiors for cooking flexibility and stainless steel cavities for easy clean up. Some models of Bosch microwave offer convection cooking, and you can choose a Bosch Speed Microwave with faster cooking times and the convenience of a 2-in-1 appliance that microwaves and offers you the power of convection. Over-the-range microwaves also have built-in, multi-speed ventilation to remove any food odours or smoke that builds up in your kitchen.

Bosch Range and Cooktop

Gas, electric, or induction; you have a lot of options when you choose a Bosch stove or Bosch cooktop. They integrate beautifully in your kitchen with flush counter installs, and you get all of the benefits of German engineering in your Canadian kitchen. Genuine European Convection means you can evenly bake cake, cookies, and more, and Benchmark gas cooktops will offer you dual-stacked burners for the lowest simmer to the highest heat.

Bosch oven

A Bosch oven has a timeless design packed with smart features. Whether you choose a single Bosch wall oven or a double wall oven, you get a sleek, seamless appearance, European convection, and QuietClose doors that will never slam shut. Bosch combination double ovens offer you a speed oven or steam oven on top and a convection oven below, and you can choose Bosch ovens with different programs and smart features built in to control your oven from your phone.

Whether you choose a Bosch dishwasher, Bosch refrigerator, or Bosch microwave, you’ll get a stylish appliance that will perfectly integrate into your home’s design.