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Conair Tools to Shape Up Your Routine

Conair isn’t quite a heritage brand yet, but you know what? It should be. This American company was founded in 1959, and it’s been making reliable tools ever since. Savvy shoppers will recognize Conair primarily from their hair dryers and irons, but their products are heartily varied. With their lightweight plastic builds, Conair products are made for the practical consumer. They’re affordable, well made, and utterly unpretentious—just the way you like it!

How to Pick a Conair Hair Dryer or Styling Tool

The bread and butter of the Conair line are their wide range of hair care tools. Conair hair dryers are a widely lauded drugstore favourite, and their product range covers everything from full-sized hair dryers (look for them by wattage) to compact Conair travel hair dryers (they fold!) At the top of the line are the Conair Infiniti Pro products, which represent the forefront of technology: they offer plenty of heat settings, multi-layered finishes, and automatic styling innovations like the Curl Secret.

Look to the brand’s tourmaline and ceramic coatings for a smooth, reliable finish that can manage even thick and coarse hair. Ceramic is a great way to deliver uniform heat, so it helps reduce heat damage on your hair and leaves you looking sleeker for longer. Conair flat irons and curling irons will help you achieve that salon-fresh look at home, and their shavers and epilators can help you extend the length between your salon visits for even longer.

Conair Products for Men

Many North American bathrooms already contain Conair products for women. However, the brand offers tools for men, too. They’re simply built and easy to use, which makes them great for men who get stuff done: if you can plumb your own sink, you can probably manage to cut your own hair, too. (Funnily enough, the two jobs take a similar amount of forearm strength!)

Conair men’s trimmers and clippers are practical and unassuming. They get the job done, often with a variety of attachments, and are great for creating and maintaining short styles at home.

Conair in the Home

To round out your Conair collection, make sure to check out the brand’s selection of Conair fabric steamers, heating pads, and irons. The home division of Conair uses many of the same technologies that you see in their haircare products, but on a much larger scale. Rather than a tourmaline ceramic finish, as you’d see in a Conair flat iron, their clothing irons feature large-scale anti-stick technologies for a smooth finish.

The next time you’re looking for a hot tool of any kind, look for Conair.