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What are gaming PCs and how do they differ from other computers

PC video games are more entertaining, immersive and challenging than ever, but they are extraordinarily demanding when it comes to computing resources. An ordinary desktop computer is fine for surfing the web, editing a spreadsheet or streaming video. Try to connect it to a virtual reality headset, or attempt to play AAA video game titles at 4K resolution and the limitations will quickly become apparent. Expect excruciating load times, low frame rates, low resolution, poor audio quality, and special effects dialled down to zero—assuming you can get the game to play at all ...

Gaming PCs like those made by CyberPowerPC Canada are designed to support the demands of video gaming so you get the best experience possible: immersive, ultra-high-resolution graphics, surround sound audio, buttery smooth performance and zero-lag multiplayer matches. This means high-powered processors, the latest generation graphics cards, fast RAM, solid state storage, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet, LED lighting, and plenty of ports. All those components also require specialized PC designs including a high wattage power supply and specialized cooling solutions to allow all the components to run at full speed for extended gaming sessions without overheating.

CyberPowerPC has built an enviable reputation in the gaming and esports community by focusing solely on high performance gaming PCs. Choosing a CyberPowerPC gaming desktop offers all the advantages of a customized gaming rig, in a package that’s been assembled by experts and designed to offer the ultimate PC gaming performance right out of the box.

CyberPowerPC Gaming PCs

You can count on the fact that a CyberPowerPC gamer ultra desktop is built around the best components on the market. This includes the latest generation of clockable Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors, a generous allotment of fast RAM, the most powerful graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, and a combination of SSD and fast HDD storage.

Gamers appreciate the fact that these computers also go far beyond the basics. For example, a CyberPowerPC case is visually striking, with features like custom RGB lighting, liquid cooling and easy access to components (including see-through tempered glass side panels on some models). No-one is going to mistake this for any old computer ...

Another distinguishing factor is the detail paid to accessories. Any gamer knows that inputs are key to victory, and the included CyberPower keyboard and CyberPower mouse are far from the usual generic pack-ins. Instead, like the computer itself, these accessories are designed specifically for gamers, with features like customizable RGB lighting. When you buy a CyberPowerPC gaming PC, you can count on being able to play right out of the box, with a great keyboard and high quality CyberPowerPC gaming mouse, instead of having to pay extra.

With a CyberPowerPC you get the ultimate PC gaming experience, right out of the box.