At Fido, get plans that are easy on your wallet on a network that keeps up with you anytime.

Bye, Data Overage

Go all out without going over. With Data Overage Protection in your plan, your data will be paused when you reach your limit. No more surprises.1

5 Extra Hours of Data

Get a data boost every month at no extra cost, only from Fido! That’s 5 hours of unlimited data – enough to stream a movie AND the sequel! Available with Data, Talk & Text plans.2

Travelling With Fido

With Fido RoamTM, use your plan's data, talk and text just like you do at home in over 185 destinations for one low daily fee.4

Fido Network

Get plans that fit your wallet on a network that keeps up with you anytime.

Fido has the network to keep you connected, and the plans to connect you to everyone.

Being a Fido subscriber means getting access to the best smartphones and tablets available, including plans that offer the talk, text and data you need to keep in touch. That also comes with an extensive network that won’t drop on you when you need it most.

Get the latest phones and tablets

You don’t have to look far or long to find a great smartphone in Fido’s lineup. A solid variety of premium and mid-range devices are available to choose from running on Fido’s LTE network, including the latest models from Apple, Samsung, Google and LG.

Eligible Fido customers can qualify for getting a new tablet with $0 down through Easy Pay. You can put a down payment in and then pay your balance in equal payments over 24 months, or pay it in full within that timeframe, all with no interest. Get up to 2GB of data for your tablet on a plan at $15 per month.

Fido’s perks and extras

Free data is always helpful, and you can enjoy that as a perk when you have a Fido Pulse plan. For one hour, you can download, stream or browse using data free of charge, without having to connect to a Wi-Fi network. That amounts to 1 hour, 5 times a month, anytime you choose.

Fido XTRA offers up new deals and giveaways every Thursday through the Fido My Account app. Check it out every week and you will find offers that include food, drinks, apparel and entertainment.

New data overage protection on select plans will ensure you don’t cross the line on your data with surprise excess charges. Fido will send a text when you’re creeping up on your limit, and then pause your data usage once you’ve hit it. You can always add more from the Fido My Account app or by visiting

Travelling with Fido

Fido Roam lets you take your plan with you when you travel outside Canada. You can use your talk, text and data abroad the way you normally would at home, and you only pay for the days you use your phone, up to a maximum of 15 days per billing cycle.

Roam anywhere, whether it’s in the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, South and Central America, the Middle East, Oceania or South Africa. Keep your phone number at all times and call or text friends and family back home like you were still there. Your data is available to keep up with social media, browse the web and upload photos and video to share the highlights of your adventures.

You only need to turn on your data roaming to get started, and with notifications to keep you apprised of your own data usage, you know when you’re close to your limit. Check out your account on the Fido My Account app or call Fido customer service when you need help.

Fido carries the latest phones and tablets, with perks and extras to help you maximize your plan wherever you go.