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Fitbit designs fitness trackers and smartwatches

When Fitbit released their first fitness tracker, they revolutionized the fitness industry by providing something no one had provided before; an easy to use activity tracker that measured more than just steps. Fitbits can measure your steps, distance travelled, stairs climbed, calories burned, heart rate, and how well you slept last night, and they are designed to blend seamlessly with your life so you can achieve your fitness goals.

Since the first Fitbit launched, Fitbit has moved forward with new and improved technology that’s helped millions of people get off the couch and, on the road, to better health.

What is Fitbit?

A Fitbit is a fitness tracker that uses an accelerometer to measure your movements. Fitbits fitness trackers are also called activity trackers, and these devices are worn on your wrist to track your movements and translate those movements into digital data. The data is synced with your Fitbit app, and you can tap your Fitbit or open up the app anytime and see how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve traveled, and whether you’ve met your goals for that day.

Fitbit Fitness trackers

A Fitbit watch is available in many different styles and colours. You can find Fitbit bracelets that wrap around your wrist and have a simple screen with buttons to navigate through the different metrics your Fitbit tracker is monitoring. You can control what appears on your Fitbit watch by choosing options in the app, and even the most basic Fitbit fitness tracker will monitor your steps, distance, calories, and sleep. All Fitbits are designed to have long battery life, with most lasting 5 days between battery charging.

While one person may like a basic Fitbit activity tracker, others will want to choose a Fitbit with more options. Some Fitbit fitness trackers have touchscreens, have built-in GPS, and offer you stair tracking or will count laps if you wear it while swimming. These feature rich models may also include a heart rate monitor that keeps track of your active and resting heart rate. You can also receive your text and call notifications right on your wrist.

Fitbit Smartwatch

A Fitbit smartwatch is similar to a Fitbit fitness tracker in that it will track all of the metrics Fitbit will normally track, but they do so on a touchscreen device with smartwatch features. On a Fitbit smartwatch you can find personalized fitness coaching that will guide you through an activity like running or cardio circuits. Some Fitbit smartwatches offer NFC chips built-in to make payments with your watch, and you can store and play music right on your wrist. You’ll also be able to add certain apps to your watch so you can keep up with your social networks and receive texts to your wrist.

Why you should use a Fitbit

A Fitbit fitness tracker is easy to use. You can unpack it from its box and it’s ready to wear, and they are so thin, light, and stylish you’ll barely notice you’re tracking your activity. You can choose a wide variety of different bands for your Fitbit, so you can match your fitness tracker to your outfit too.

Whether you choose a Fitbit bracelet, Fitbit watch, or Fitbit smartwatch, all Fitbit fitness trackers will sync with the Fitbit app to keep you up to date on your fitness history. You can send your details to a friend and sign up for Fitbit fitness challenges together, or you can meet new friends and get healthy by joining Fitbit communities.

The Fitbit app also gives you a platform to manually enter your daily food and water intake. If you’d like to track reproductive cycles, the Fitbit app has an area where you can enter that information. All of your data is available in the Fitbit dashboard so you can see it at a glance, and you’ll get access to your history so you can keep an eye on your goals.

A Fitbit is also a great way to monitor your heart rate. The Fitbit watches with heart rate will give you 24/7 heart rate monitoring. Some models of Fitbit will give you minute by minute heart rate while exercising, and you can use your resting heart rate data to give you an idea of your fitness level or use it to share with your doctor to assess your health.

Fitbit designs fitness watches and smart watches that help you achieve your health and fitness goals.