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102 results


Jabra has all the Audio Answers in Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Headsets, In-Car Speakerphones, and Computer Headsets

Jabra Over-Ear Headphones

Enter your own private soundscape with big, comfy over-ear noise cancelling models. Whether at home or cruising around, immerse yourself into a world of sonic bliss that’s like having your own little concert with you at all times.

Adaptive audio tweaks the playback based on the noises around you. Noise cancellation shuts out the din of the wild world. Voice assistants respond to your commands at the push of a button. Battery life long enough to end the days of ruined commutes and loud long-haul flights. Jabra’s feature-rich over-ear offerings are at the top of their game, and help you stay at yours.

Jabra Wireless Earbuds

From casual wear to workout-ready, there are Jabra wireless earbuds to suit every aspect of your life. Enjoy your tunes with true wireless earbuds that bring the sound right to your ears without the trappings of cords or wires of any kind. Take calls with the touch of a button, and then get right back to your jams.

Jabra also makes wireless Bluetooth earbuds specifically for use while you’re active, like running, biking, or hitting the gym. Featuring sweat-proof seals and secure fitting designs, they will keep the vibe going while you get your sweat on.

In-Car Speakerphones

Hands-free calling in vehicles isn’t just about convenience anymore, in many places it’s now the law. For vehicles that aren’t equipped with Bluetooth built-in, an inexpensive hands-free option is a Jabra speakerphone. Easily clamped onto your sun visor and operated with the push of a button, speakerphones will let you receive calls safely and deliver solid quality sound while you’re in your car.

Some speakerphones even offer voice control, music and navigational playback, and will announce the name of callers when they come in. With solid battery life around 40+ hours, you’ll always be ready to take the next call.

Jabra Bluetooth Headsets

Whether you’re out and about and need to take a call, or you’re in your office connected to your computer, Jabra has Bluetooth headsets to simplify and improve how you communicate. Jabra’s Bluetooth headsets offer high-quality audio in a variety of different form factors. From small and sleek Bluetooth models to more significant headsets that connect to your computer via a dongle, there is an option for everyone.

Certain professional models are designed for people who work in noisy, or open concept offices and feature noise cancellation in addition to superior audio quality. Walk and talk your way to sealing the deal with the freedom and quality of a top-notch wireless headset.

Jabra has the audio solutions that bring audible freedom to every facet of your life.