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Koolatron keeps your drinks and food cool at home and on the go with a selection of hard and soft-sided coolers

Koolatron Bar Fridges

Koolatron fridges range in size and are able to hold cans, bottles, food, or a combination of all. In either solid colour finishes or fun retro Coca Cola designs, they use thermoelectric cooling which runs silently and efficiently. This means you can use them in a basement or bar area, garage, dorm room, small apartment, or even the office staff room, or on the go like when camping, at a sporting event, at a barbecue, or having a picnic in the park.

Koolatron mini fridges are compact enough to hold up to six cans or four 500mL bottles, or larger for holding up to 22L worth of food and drink. They use 12V DC power so you can keep a Koolatron electric cooler powered up from the car or boat. High-quality compressors mean they use minimal power, and ones with flat-back designs and reversible doors, or countertop fridges, are ideal for positioning in an office kitchen area or home bar.

Koolatroon Wine Cellars

Put your best vintages on display and keep them organized with Koolatron’s wide selection of wine cellars. They range from small cellars that can accommodate up to 12 bottles, up to tower-sized ones that can hold 18 bottles, or even large 45-bottle cellars for the home bar area or kitchen.

Elegant in design, Koolatron wine coolers and cellars include features like double tempered glass doors, wooden shelves that can be removed to fit larger-sized bottles, built-in soft lighting, vibration-free designs, and quiet operation thanks, again, to thermoelectric cooling.

Some Koolatron wine fridges boast accurate temperature control so you can chill white wines at a different temperature than reds. They’re ideal for the wine lover and those who entertain often.

Koolatron Coolers

Koolatron makes a selection of both hard- and soft-sided portable coolers that are ideal for camping, fishing, boating, hiking, road trips, barbecues, and other outdoor activities. You can keep food and drinks cool without having to bring a cooler filled with ice.

Unlike the compact fridges, Koolatron coolers include features like handles or shoulder straps so they’re easier to carry around. Available in different sizes, from 24L up to 42L, and in solid colours or vintage Coca Cola designs, they can hold both food and drinks. Some Koolatron compact coolers have features like domed lids for accommodating large bottles and thermoses. Some models can even sit upright to function as a mini fridge.

Soft-sided models with shoulder straps are perfect for hiking, picnics, fishing, road trips, or to use at the beach, with exterior pockets for holding things like a bottle opener, corkscrew, napkins, and plastic or reusable cups. Some chest coolers even come with built-in bottle openers. Hard-sided models, meanwhile, are great for sporting events, camping, road trips, backyard barbecues, or keeping in a boat.

Whether you’re enjoying a picnic in the park, want to grab a beer in the garage, or are heading out on the open road, Koolatron has your drink and food cooling needs covered.