Lenovo Gaming Laptops

Gaming has never been easier.

Take the strength of a Lenovo gaming laptop with you everywhere you go. Get Lenovo Legion for top-of-the-line mobile power, or Lenovo IdeaPad for an uncompromising do-all gaming laptop. 

Crush your opposition with Lenovo

Style beyond imagination.

Play in style with the newly designed Legion 5i, packing aluminum and magnesium blended bodies. Defy the laws of physics with a durable, portable and premium machine. 

See further, conquer more. 

Experience unparalleled gaming immersion with expanded ultra-high-pixel-density screens. Enjoying jaw-dropping colours on display and experience games the way they were meant to be seen.

Fight your opponent without breaking a sweat.

Enjoy unrivaled thermal performance with the meticulously designed Legion Coldfront 3.0 cooling system. Now your machine won't break a sweat even under the most epic gaming strain.

Game-changing gameplay.

Which models featuring Windows 10 and the latest Windows 11 preloaded, you can unlock the full potential of your system's hardware.

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