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Marantz, because music matters (and so does home theatre audio)

Marantz Receivers

The Marantz story began with a basement, the pursuit of hi-fi perfection and an amplifier that launched a company that is renowned for delivering true to life, high quality sound.

Over 60 years later, a Marantz receiver is still at the heart of the audio systems for the most discriminating music and home theatre lovers. Models like the Marantz SR7012 receiver set a new high bar for what a modern home theatre receiver is capable of, with 9.2 channel audio, 3D sound, full 4K support, Apple AirPlay 2 and support for both Alexa and Google Assistant. At 250W per channel, this receiver has the power to fill even the largest rooms with legendary Marantz audio. Everything you need is in one, powerful and beautifully engineered device.

With a Marantz receiver, you can count on the ultimate high-fidelity music listening experience—no matter what the source—along with spectacular home theatre audio.

Hi-Fi Components Including Marantz CD Players and Turntables

Nothing complements a Marantz receiver better than hi-fi components designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards. Marantz offers a wide range of hi-fi components that deliver the quality demanded by audiophiles, combining legendary engineering with the latest technology.

This lineup includes the PM6006, the latest iteration of a legendary Marantz amplifier with an advanced Toroidal transformer for superior audio, gold-plated speaker connections, a reference quality DAC, and a full range of digital and analog inputs (including PHONO). Add a Marantz turntable like the belt-drive TT42, and a Marantz CD player and your home audio system will be your musical oasis.

AV Separates

A Marantz receiver is ideal for most home theatre setups, but some hi-fi enthusiasts prefer to go with AV separates. This strategy can offer more refinement and flexibility, with the individual components handling specific tasks instead of an AV receiver doing everything.

Choosing a Marantz amplifier to be at the heart of system ensures unrivalled audio quality. For example, the Marantz AV8805 is the world’s first 13.2 channel AV pre-amplifier. Match it with a Marantz amplifier like the MM8077 for stunning, high-powered home theatre audio.

Wireless Music Systems

With the popularity of wireless streaming music has come the challenge of ensuring a wireless music system is capable of delivering the performance expected from hi-fi components like a CD player.

When you buy a Marantz receiver or amplifier with streaming audio in mind, you know you can count on the best experience possible. Take the Marantz SR7012 receiver. It has built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Apple AirPlay support. Going far beyond the basics, Marantz utilizes a dual-antenna transceiver system to ensure robust streaming, even in urban areas where wireless transmission may be subject to interference. It supports high resolution and lossless digital files, including FLAC, ALAC and WAV. And with integrated HEOS support, this Marantz receiver can be at the heart of your multi-room wireless music system.

Marantz has been at the centre of home entertainment innovation for over 60 years, with hi-fi components ranging from state-of-the-art receivers and amplifiers to CD players, turntables and wireless music systems.