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Michael Kors Watches, Handbags, and More

When it comes to affordable luxury, there’s no one in the business quite like Michael Kors. The brand is a monolith, and it excels at creating fashion that bridges the gap. Under the Michael Kors umbrella, you’ll find both investment-piece dresses and purses that you can snap up over the weekend for a bit of retail therapy—and that’s by design.

Michael Kors is one of the few brands in Canada that lets you shop at both ends of the spectrum. While some of their line focuses on luxury clothing at haute couture prices, other departments are doing what they do best: creating fashionable, durable accessories at Michael Kors’ classic outlet prices. Their popularity and iconic prints have turned the brand into a household name.

Roomy Michael Kors Bags

One unique feature of the Michael Kors line is that, often, their bags focus on space rather than organization. The most popular Michael Kors handbags feature large, cavernous compartments that hold everything that you need to tackle the day (and then a little extra on the way home). Whether it’s a simple tote bag or a black crossbody, you’ll find lots of space in any of the flexible leathers that the brand prefers to use.

For a culture that’s always on the go, these bags go beyond. They excel at getting their wearers from their early morning meetings all the way to drinks with the girls that night.

Gilded Michael Kors Watches

While Michael Kors is certainly most famous for their handbags, the brand offers many glamorous watches as well. Like their purses, Michael Kors watches are always fully adorned. They’re based off of simple silhouettes, but there’s always a little something in the design or materials used that give the piece a little bit of luxury.

The brand’s newest offerings are all about smart technology. Not only are these watches chic and stylish, but they’re great for tracking your steps, heartbeat, and workout. Michael Kors smartwatches are the perfect blend of style and function: they do a lot, just like those roomy handbags, but they knock the Fitbit out of the park when it comes to glitz and style. Whether that’s due to their intricate watch faces or their rich gold watchbands simply depends on the style in question.

Luxury Scents from Michael Kors

Finally, for the style icon who knows how to tie a look together, Michael Kors fragrances put the finishing touches on the brand. Their scents are known for being big. Look to Michael Kors perfumes and colognes for fragrances with lots of sillage—they trail behind you as you leave the room, and can’t be missed when you’re in it. While that doesn’t lend itself well to scent-sensitive office wear, it makes them a great choice for a date night!

If you’re looking to broaden your fashion horizons, let Michael Kors whisk you away into a world of luxury. They’re one of the biggest (and most identifiable) fashion brands available today, and their unique blend of function and form is a clear indication as to why.