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Monster makes audio fun and cool with its great looking & awesome sounding headphones, speakers & home theatre accessories

Monster headphones

Everyone know Monster is one of the world leaders in headphone technology. Monster headphones are known for their good looks, great sound, and rugged durability. But there’s so much more when it comes to Monster headphones!

Whether you’re hunting for Monster earbuds, Monster wireless headphones, or the perfect pair of sweat-resistant headphones for sports, Monster has all the selection you’re looking for.

Expect outstanding clarity, and overall blissful sound with Monster Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth makes it easy to wirelessly stream tunes from your smartphone, while some models offer advanced digital echo suppression eliminates unwanted noise or even Monster active noise cancelling or ANC technology too for the ultimate music experience—with no outside sound bleeding through.

Monster portable Bluetooth speakers

When it comes to sharing your music, only the best sounding portable audio will do. Monster makes a huge array of Bluetooth speakers to choose from. When you choose a Monster speaker, you’re getting serious dropout-free connectivity, long battery life and of course top-quality sound. Need a Monster waterproof speaker or a speaker that floats? They’ve got options. And with smartphone control and connectivity, you don’t have to get up to play DJ.

Depending on which speaker you’re eyeing, a Monster speaker may have the ability to double as a digital alarm clock or to be used as a power bank for your other devices—perfect for camping, the cottage or being out and about of off-the-grid adventures.

Monster HDMI cables and power

Monster has a reputation for making some of the best and most durable cables out there. From its signature Gold HDMI cable, aux cables or USB (or even telephone cables), you’ll enjoy blazing-fast signal transfer. With both audio and video signal transfer via a single HDMI cable, a Monster HDMI cable transmits stunning Full HD picture and digital lossless surround sound. The premium 24k gold contacts aren’t just for show: they’ve been tested extensively to ensure signal integrity.

Monster surge protectors, power bars

When it comes to power, only proper power bars and plugs can guarantee the safety of your precious electronics. Monster is a trusted brand for power supply, thanks to its safety guarantees that warranty your TV, audio equipment and more against electrical mishaps. You’ll get surge protection and multiple AC outlets and even a green power-use option to prevent standby energy waste.

Many Monster power bars also have USB plug options so you can save space by plugging in your phone, tablet and headphone chargers more easily.

Monster audio products can help you have the best overall audio experience whether it’s via the cables in your home theatre, using a portable wireless speaker to be the life of the party, or wrapped around your head in the form of headphones.