Motorola Phones

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197 results

Motorola carries on a long tradition of enabling communication, whether it’s with a smartphone, baby monitor or speaker.

The first handheld cell phone was built by Motorola in 1983, and since then, has been part of the evolution in mobile communications. That includes modern smartphones with great features, and even 2-way radios critical for maintaining lines of communication in various commercial applications. That progress now extends to a variety of products that always place an importance on keeping in touch.

Motorola smartphones and 2-way radios

Value comes with any Motorola smartphone because you always get a little more than you bargained for. The Moto G line offers an affordable combination of features and performance that work so well together. Equipped with vibrant screens and lightweight designs, the user-friendly lineup is made to simplify things.

Some are great for travel, courtesy of the dual SIM card support, letting you keep your phone number, while rocking a local one at the same time. Effective cameras and long battery life help to stay connected at all times. You can always add an extra feature or two through Moto Mods, including different backplates to change up the style.

When it comes to staying connected with one particular person over a short or long distance, Motorola’s 2-way radios cover a wide range. Whether you measure the distance by feet or kilometres, the Talkabout line has an array of models to cover all those tracks.

Motorola speakers and headphones

Motorola has a pair of headphones or earbuds for most occasions, and you can decide how much you want to cut the cord. Bluetooth wireless headphones that cover the ears, plus in-ear models that maintain a low profile, are among the choices. There is real convenience in connecting wirelessly to a smartphone for audio playback.

Things get even smaller with true wireless earbuds that eliminate all cords completely. Motorola offers a variety of these in-ear models, made to be comfortable and stay out of the way during a run or workout. A built-in microphone puts phone calls and voice assistants within earshot at all times through simple controls.

Motorola baby monitors

Keeping an eye on the most precious in life is part of what makes Motorola video baby monitors so effective. With wireless access and the ability to pan, tilt and zoom, it’s easy to take a closer look without disturbing little ones when they sleep. The cameras also have infrared night vision to light everything up in the nursery on the monitors, even in low-light conditions.

Room temperature displays keep track of how cold or warm a nursery is at all times, while preloaded lullabies can soothe infants to sleep. With built-in microphones offering two-way communication, parents can also speak to or soothe their babies remotely. Peace of mind while sleeping peacefully is how these baby monitors work at all times.

Putting who and what is most important first comes with every Motorola device.