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Nanoleaf LED light panels turn the idea of smart home lighting on its head

Nanoleaf Lights

When Edison invented light bulbs, with their fat, round curves, glaring whiteness, and necessary filaments, he probably never imagined lights could look any different.

It would take over one hundred years before lighting really changed, and in the last few years, it’s become almost unrecognizable, thanks to a unique Canadian lighting company. Nanoleaf has taken lighting and flattened it out, added colour and unique shape, and made them energy efficient and cool-running with the power and long life of LED light bulbs.

Today, Nanoleaf is known for its array of creative lighting panels that allow you to truly and fundamentally change how you light your home. Far from a single burning bulb overhead, Nanoleaf’s creative take on lighting let you create colour and light splashes across your walls, ceilings and even the floor or other surfaces. The setup is easy and Nanoleaf panels can be controlled with your smartphone or their unique polyhedron-style remote control.

Nanoleaf Panels

Nanoleaf’s unique proposition is that its triangle light panels or its newer square light panels can be stuck to a wall or adhered to a ceiling and even used as colourful overhead LED lighting. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to how to use these light panels.

Extraordinarily lightweight, and completely modular, you can light precise areas where you need smart LED lights. The lights connect to each other with wafer-thin “linkers” that allow each panel to talk to the other, and to work as a whole, spinning dynamic lighting scenes across its face, morphing and changing, and even reacting to music or sound.

Nanoleaf Starter Kits

The best way to experience the Nanoleaf lighting system is with a Nanoleaf Starter Kit. Composed of a set of light panels, a control module, linkers and even a full set of easy-on-easy-off Command adhesive strips, the starter kits are a perfect entry into Nanoleaf’s creative and fun lighting.

Create bold shapes on your wall with light, make a soft, dynamic mosaic for the baby’s room, or even re-create your business logo in light! Anything is possible with Nanoleaf lighting.

Nanoleaf Remote, Rhythm & Accessories

There are great accessories for your Nanoleaf light ecosystem. With what can only be called the world’s coolest remote control, you can change the lighting presets and favourites of your Nanoleaf light panels. Nanoleaf Remote looks like a crazy flat-sided ball; turn it over and over and your lights will respond. Or, plug in the special Rhythm module to make your Nanoleaf smart lighting respond to music, beats or nearly any sounds.

Nanoleaf lighting is unlike any lighting you’ve ever had in your home before. Create and be energized with Nanoleaf LED light panels!