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Olympus Captures All of Life's Moments & Milestones

Taking photos with an Olympus camera is an exercise in getting things right, just like it is when recording audio on one of Olympus’ superb digital voice recorders. No matter the setting or situation, carrying one of these products will serve your purpose.

Olympus mirrorless cameras

As among the first to bring mirrorless cameras to market, Olympus has held a pedigree in this category for over a decade. No matter what skill level you find yourself in, there is a camera ready to make a shooter out of you.

With less weight and smaller form factors than DSLRs, mirrorless cameras have the ability to shoot high-quality images using many of the same features. There are different ways to capture the scenes around you, be they through dedicated modes and special art filters that let you add some creativity, or more pro-level settings that put you in control of how you want it all to look.

You get the benefits of modern photography with all the tech trappings to get the best shot every time you press the shutter down. Touchscreen LCDs can tilt or flip to provide a clear view when you need to keep yourself or others in the frame. Plenty of autofocus points will help zero in on what you want, or a simple tap on the screen will sharpen the subject in no time.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity enable image transfers to mobile devices for easier editing and sharing on the go. Olympus mirrorless cameras aren’t just for still photography. When you have a video to shoot in 4K or 1080p HD at different frame rates, press record and capture the scenes you want. Olympus’ M.Zuiko lenses work with OM-D mirrorless cameras, opening up new possibilities for shooting images your way.

Olympus Tough cameras

Few cameras are built as ruggedly durable as the Olympus Tough line. These point and shoot models are designed to be shockproof, waterproof, freezeproof, crushproof and dustproof. If there’s an off-the-beaten-path adventure calling your name, a Tough camera can document it without breaking down.

Tough cameras are equipped with a range of features that enable photographers of all stripes to enjoy capturing images in almost any place or setting. Whether it’s schools of fish while underwater or wide vistas when hiking a glacier, these pocket-sized cameras can get into the action on a moment’s notice.

Beyond the images, there’s a built-in Field Sensor system to keep track of your environment and relay information through the included GPS, manometer, compass, and temperature sensor. With a Tough camera, it’s not just cool photos or video that aren’t out of reach, neither are the details of how you got to them.

Olympus voice recorders

Sound quality and portability are just two reasons Olympus voice recorders are among the most trusted available. Encryption and dictation accuracy are key components that also make these recorders so indispensable for a demanding work environment.

Innovative microphone technology can drown out unwanted background noise and enhance voices for clearer delivery. Recording interviews, lectures and presentations takes another step towards productivity with tools to transcribe those audible words into text.