Roku has the market cornered on streaming devices, and thanks to its easy to user interface, it’s the perfect streamer for newbies—or pros

Roku is one of the originals in Canada when it comes to media streamers and external streaming devices. Roku devices are known for being compact, easy to set up and install, and ultra easy to use—and they’re some of the most cost effective streaming gadgets on the market.

Whether you want to watch Netflix or YouTube, or you’re looking to mirror, cast or Airplay your phone’s screen to the TV, a Roku device lets you get access to all kinds of content, easily.

Roku Media Streamers

Roku’s lineup of media streamers or streaming sticks are your keys to unlock a world of limitless entertainment. Use them at home or take them on the road, because a Roku streamer equals portable TV: bring your Roku streaming device to hotels, dorm rooms, or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Roku works with all top movie and TV streaming services, including Netflix, Google Play, and YouTube. Built using advanced wireless receiver technology, Roku media streamers provide a stronger signal with four times the range for smoother streaming.

Unlike some other streaming systems, Roku streamers are compact, meaning you can plug them in behind your TV with no worries about how you’ll hide the device, particularly on wall-mounted TVs.

Roku 4K Streaming

Today’s best TVs are 4K or Ultra High Definition, and if you want to find and stream dedicated made-in-4K content, you need a powerful streamer than can handle all that extra data. A Roku 4K streaming device can with ease.

The best part is, a 4K Roku Streaming stick can handle any type of signal, from HD, to 4K, and HDR giving you a crystal-clear picture and a speedy stream with no dropouts, breakup—or the dreaded buffering.

Roku Remote in every box

All Roku streamers come with the handy Roku Remote which is perfect for those times you don’t feel like reaching for your phone.

The new Roku remotes have everything you need at your fingertips and some even offer voice control so you can ask for your favourite movie or show, and save typing. With a Roku remote, it’s fast, convenient, and does it all.

Of course, if you live life with your smartphone in hand, a Roku streaming device also offers easy smartphone remote app control too. That same remote app also offers private listening, meaning you can connect headphones to your smartphone, and hear everything that’s happening on the TV, while not disturbing others (or maybe while the kids don’t disturb YOU. We’re looking at you, baby shark!).

Roku is easy to use

For those new to streaming, getting things set up and figuring out how to work everything can seem intimidating. Not with a Roku streamer. Roku has a straightforward layout and home screen that makes it easy to see all your favourite entertainment at a glance. The user interface is easy to navigate, easy to read, and it’s got a great layout, that’s super easy to customize. It’s the perfect streamer to hook up for the parents or grandparents too!

If you’re looking for a powerful, high quality media streamer at a great price, choose a Roku streaming device.