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Skullcandy: headphones you love to wear and that rock your world

Skullcandy headphones

You don’t care about audio drivers custom tuned by scientists. You’re not dazzled by bling, and you could care less if your gear is Instagram-approved. Skullcandy headphones are made for you; you want the best sound, and rock-your-body bass that means you’re not just listening to your music, you’re feeling it in your bones.

Skullcandy Truly Wireless Earbuds

Whether you’re constantly on the move or just hate the feeling of being tied down—to anything—Skullcandy truly wireless earbuds are your ultimate ear candy.

Skullcandy truly wireless headphones mean you’re free to move with your music, plus you get a secure fit, and amazing audio quality—all without any wires whatsoever.

Skullcandy Over Ear & On Ear headphones

Skullcandy over ear and on ear headphones let you feel your music with enhanced sensory bass that you can easily turn up to feel like you’re front row. Put them on for a more wraparound, head-filling experience, or pack them down since some Skullcandy headphones are foldable for travel. With hours and hours of battery life, your headphones won’t let you down when you need them most.

Skullcandy Sound isolating headphones

Sometimes you just need to block things out and get down to work, or to zone out inside your head. Skullcandy’s wide lineup of sound isolating headphones help prevent outside noise, meaning your music, phone calls, podcasts, and even your low-fi hip hop for studying won’t be interrupted. Plush padding or a tight, sound isolating fit, depending on your headphone choice, gives you freedom from noisy interruptions as well as ultimate comfort.

Skullcandy Noise cancelling wireless headphones

Need to take your listening a step further and zap sound bleed on a whole other level? Skullcandy noise cancelling wireless headphones can take you there.

Using digital technology that zaps outside noise from interfering with your listening, Skullcandy noise cancelling headphones deliver the ultimate in high-quality listening. Need to have the option of hearing what’s around you while you’re listening? Some Skullcandy noise cancelling headphones let you turn on Monitor Mode to let the outside world in—on your terms.

When you need great sounding, durable headphones that let you truly feel your music, choose Skullcandy headphones.