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Swann protects your home with security systems, indoor/outdoor cameras, and motion detectors

Swann’s history of excellence

Swann has long led the way when it comes to simple and effective home security solutions and consumer electronics technology. From its early days as a small basement startup in Melbourne, Australia, Swann has grown to become a worldwide leader in home security monitoring. With a global presence in over 40 countries (and on six continents), Swann continues to grow and show its dominance in the home security market. While other companies have struggled to keep pace with the fast moving world of smart home security, Swann has emerged as a top contender in the field, developing and producing top of the line home security systems, a vast and excellent range of both indoor and outdoor security cameras, and even home and property monitoring devices such as motion detectors.

Swann security systems offer peace of mind to you and yours

Swann security systems come in a variety of different forms and configurations, such as floodlight systems and DVR systems with multiple cameras. These systems offer powerful lights to deter potential intruders and wired (and sometimes wireless) HD cameras with wide viewing angles and a host of other features that are important to home security. Features like the ability to easily transfer recorded video files to external storage devices (via USB ports), weatherproof designs (for the harsh Canadian climate), two-way audio (allowing you to verbally address trespassers and visitors alike), app support (and real time video viewing) via your personal smart device, and many other features provide great peace of mind whether you’re traveling or staying at home.

Swann indoor and outdoor cameras are feature rich and incredibly durable

Swann’s vast selection of both indoor and outdoor cameras are sure to make any intruder think twice about stepping onto (or into) your property and any homeowner sleep better at night. With features like smart alerts to let you know when potentially suspicious activity has been detected and is being recorded, you’ll always have eyes on your home and property, even when they’re not your own. Many of Swann’s cameras are both indoor and outdoor capable, and they offer both simplicity of use and installation, though wiring-in may sometimes be necessary. Standalone models typically need only a Wi-Fi connection and an iOS or Android based smart phone to use them, and Full HD 1080p resolution is common, meaning you’ll always get the best possible look at whatever’s taking place in their view.

Swann motion detectors catch trespassers red handed

Swann also has great motion detectors that work with other Swann home security devices to provide all around protection to your home. For instance, you can combine a battery powered motion detector with a Swann doorbell, doorway alert kit, or even a gate or driveway alert kit to form a more powerful home security system. With a long Wi-Fi range between the sensor and the receiver unit (up to 200 feet), Swann’s motion detectors are perfect for large residences and properties. Frequently weatherproof (making them ideal for outdoor use), motion detectors from Swann are the perfect DIY addition to a broader home security system.

Swann’s security systems, indoor and outdoor cameras, and motion detectors are the best choice you can make to protect your home and family.