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Swiss Gear: Luggage for Avid Travellers

Imagine yourself on the ridge of a high, snowy mountaintop. You’re at a swanky resort, with a no-nonsense laptop bag slung across a plush chair and a smooth set of rolling luggage at your feet. Everything is, of course, from Swiss Gear—a brand founded with precision at the base of the Swiss Alps.

Swiss Gear (often stylized as “SWISSGEAR”) is best known for its backpacks and luggage, but a caveat must be made: it’s one of the most often faked brands in the world. To ensure that you’re getting the durable, high-quality item that you’re expecting, make sure to buy from a reputable source.

Opt for an Iconic Swiss Gear Backpack

Swiss Gear exploded in popularity around 2003. Their super-durable backpacks were at the root of the explosion, and it’s easy to see why. Each bag is designed for maximum functionality, with features like orthopedic padding, mesh pockets, and adjustable straps. They’re made to be sporty and discreet, often coming in black, grey, or dark blue colour schemes. It’s surprisingly easy to pick a Swiss Gear backpack (despite the large product range), with the lack of different colours and prints helping to expedite the process.

Swiss Gear laptop bags are perfect for a high-achieving student—especially one who needs to carry around bulky items. And, for those who are just entering the workforce, Swiss Gear sling bags are a favourite of young professionals and tradespeople. Multiple pockets in each bag can hold your laptop, tablet, and lunch, and Swiss Gear’s durable zippers can withstand being packed to the brim on a daily basis.

(Swiss Gear backpacks are great for travelling, too. Plus, thanks to their compact size, some models even fly for free as a personal item.)

Where to Buy Swiss Gear Luggage in Canada

Best Buy also carries a wide selection of Swiss Gear luggage. An ever-expanding category, Swiss Gear rolling luggage travels well as both carry-on or checked luggage. What sets the brand’s luggage apart is how lightweight their pieces can be—sleeker styles aren’t just visually smoother; they’re physically lighter as well, without any loss of durability.

Swiss Gear luggage is available as single pieces or as sets of two or three. Make sure to check out Best Buy’s selection of Swiss Gear sale and clearance items as well; you might end up with something that’s a couple of seasons old, but you’ll get an awesome deal on it. (Plus, with how classic most luggage designs are, you may not even notice a difference in designs!)

Another benefit of choosing Swiss Gear is that some of their technologies are simply standard. No matter what season you buy your luggage in, all recent pieces will have features like telescopic handles, split cases, and smooth, 360-degree wheels. They’re little luxuries that you aren’t paying any more for, but that’ll totally transform your airport experience if they’re new to you.

The next time you’re jetting off to the Swiss Alps, or even just the next time you’re headed out to campus for a 9 to 5 day, make sure to think “Swiss Gear.”