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Losing an important personal item is never a good feeling, and that’s where Tile’s line of Bluetooth trackers come in to help.

The moment you discover that you’ve lost an important item is always a harrowing feeling, but Tile offers a way to get it back. Tracking a missing item is what Tile does best, with highly accessible and flexible trackers that can help bring it back home to you.

What are Tile Bluetooth trackers?

Tile’s line of trackers use Bluetooth to help find lost or missing items through the Tile app. The trackers themselves come in a few different designs that you can attach or stick to a prized personal item you never want to lose. They could be a pair of car keys, a wallet, bicycle, smartphone, camera, and more.

The various models include the Tile Mate and Tile Pro, both of which have holes punched in to attach to keychains. Tile Slim is about the size of a credit card that makes it easy to slide into a wallet pocket. Tile Sticker has an adhesive to stick onto any item you like, whether conspicuous or out of sight.

The latest Tiles are water-resistant and either offer longer battery life, or access to compartments to replace them. Some devices also have built-in Tile trackers, like headphones and other small personal items, adding an extra level of convenience.

How do you track items with a Tile?

Each tracker is set up through the Tile app, where they can track the items they are assigned to at any time. Whenever a device is in range, opening the app and tapping the Tile you want will then play an audible tune on the tracker itself to help locate it.

When out of range, the app shows the Tile’s last location on a map so you can retrace your steps. Once you’ve confirmed an item is lost or missing, the Tile community can then step in to help out. By leveraging the Tile trackers and paired phones, it broadens the search for your missing item, passively using the community’s multiple locations to hone in on where it is.

Depending on the tracker, the Bluetooth range can vary from a radius as low as 150 feet to as high as 400 feet. With more users and growing partnerships, Tile continues to build on its network to cover more ground.

Tile trackers are not purely for finding lost or missing items, but also to help track down the phone they are paired with. Double-clicking the button on a Tile rings an audible tune on the phone when in range to track it.

What devices are compatible with Tile?

The Tile app is available on Apple’s App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Trackers work with smartphones running either operating system, covering the overwhelming majority of mobile device users who are Tile users.

There is a larger density in urban and suburban areas, improving the odds of locating a lost item. Tile trackers can attach to almost any item, even if they don’t have their own stickers. Use an adhesive and place it wherever is most accessible, or inaccessible, depending on your needs.

There is always a way to find a lost or stolen item with a Tile Bluetooth tracker.