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FAQ About Baby Earmuffs

You want your little one to share in all the family fun, but loud sounds can annoy, frighten, or even damage little ears. Baby earmuffs have the problem covered. Brands like Baby Banz make earmuffs for infants and kids that look like a pair of over-ear headphones, with fun designs and serious noise reduction ratings. Here we answer a few common questions to explain this convenient solution for baby ear protection.

What are the benefits of baby earmuffs?

Baby earmuffs are first and foremost designed to reduce noise levels and protect developing ears. They can block out harmful noise while still allowing ambient sounds to be heard. They can also help calm nervous or uneasy babies and young children, reducing noise-related stress and improving focus. With this hearing protection, you can safely bring your little one along to enjoy events that might otherwise be too loud and distressing. Outdoor festivals, sports events, and airplane rides are prime examples.

How much hearing protection do baby earmuffs provide?

There are various levels of noise reduction and ear protection provided by different baby earmuffs. The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is an indication of the average amount of noise attenuation (lowering) achieved over a range of frequencies. An NRR of 20dB to 31dB is very good, and certainly enough to lower potentially harmful noise levels experienced during common events like parties, concerts, sports games, and even motorcycle or truck shows.

What are the best baby earmuff features to look for?

Earmuffs are only effective at providing hearing protection if your little one keeps them on, so look for comfortable cushioning and a secure fit. Top brands like Baby Banz offer earmuffs in different sizes, for infants and young kids. Parents who already have plenty to juggle will appreciate compact and lightweight designs that are easily packed.